Lush Obsession: Skincare

“I lead a very busy life and don’t have a lot of time, so my skincare needs to be easy and portable.” ~ Erin O’Connor

Sun Damage

It was Lush’s bath bombs and soaps that drew me to them, but it is their skincare that has made me a fan for life. It seemed fate was going to attempt to knock me down ever farther and when I was in San Diego, I also happened to be on a photosensitive antibiotic. The Southern California sun is no joke for those sheltered in the rays of New England’s poor excuse that is the sun. But paired with the medication I was on, I needed some frickin’ stock in sunscreen or a bubble.


While I tried to be proactive, you cannot cover your hands in sunscreen, and sometimes you are going to miss or just completely forget places. Like my feet. My poor toes were so fried and blistered, I am still peeling almost two months later. My nose, my hairline, and my ears also got some sun and not in the lovin’ way. Lush came to the rescue and I am now officially converted.

Bunny Moon Jelly Mask

I at first was not sure what to think of the Bunny Moon Jelly Mask. To be perfectly honest the consistency is just plan WEIRD. BUT I gave it a try and I was surprised int he best way! Made with honey, it left my skin soft and soothed I also love that in true Lush fashion it has gold flakes to add a bit of sparkle. Who doesn’t want their face to sparkle?


To use, you pinch off a bit of the jelly like consistency, and rub it between your hands to create a paste. Then you slather it on and let it work its magic. It feels light, and I admit to forgetting it is on my face. It also comes off quite easily when washing my face.



This is one of my FAVORITE Lush products. My face is incredibly sensitive and with all the traveling I have done and then the sun damage, my skin has been crying. Crying of the likes it hasn’t done since the days before I switched to Jane Iredale. Not only does it need to be cleansed and purefied, but it also needs to be babied.


Charcoal is one of those ingredients that is truly an unsung hero. It has many uses, and you know how I like my versatility. But first and foremost it is detoxifying. I tend to shy away from soaps on my face, preferring a gel cleanser which I feel cleanse deeper. Until Coalface.


It is at once gentle, yet cleansing and I love the way it leaves my skin feeling AND smelling. I feel like I have had a facial without it feeling harsh. While it is designed for the face, you can use it as a soap on your body too. All in all this is such an amazing product and one of my favorites.

Dark Angels

Dark Angels is the messier, and more severe version of Coalface. When I say messy. I MEAN messy. Guys it is messy AF. It leaves black residue EVERYWHERE and if you don’t wash it right off, it is a beeyatch to get off.


That said, it does work, and if it wasn’t so messy (I AM Type A!) it would be one of my favorite Lush products. You mix it with water to form a paste and then slather and scrub a dub away. I do love how the paste feels and it does leave my skin feeling nice and clean.(when it doesn’t stay glued to my face)

Grease Lightening

I have a texture problem. I hate anything that feels heavy on my skin and I feel with all the layering you have to do to make your money maker look good, my face can feel weighted down and heavy. Grease Lightening does NOT do that. It is made of tea tree, aloe, and witch hazel and can be used as a spot treatment for break-outs. I have been using it all over my face and it hasn’t dried my skin out. Instead, my skin looks and feels refreshed and clean. This is another favorite of mine from Lush.


Charity Pot

I am insanely picky about my lotions, I don’t like to feel greasy and I typically stick with Jergen’s Natural Glow or LaVanilla Laboratories. After the sun damage I sustained I knew I needed a lotion that would not just moisturize, but also help heal it. That is where Lush’s Charity Pot comes in. Despite having a cocoa butter base, it isn’t oily or greasy. It soaks into my skin leaving it soft without having to worry about it staining my clothes. It has a delicate floral scent mixed with the cocoa butter to create a truly decadent but still subtle scent.

Another reason I am obsessed with charity pot, is much like its name, it donates a hundred percent of its proceeds to grassroots conservation organizations. A product that actually works AND gives back is a huge win for me. And honestly that is why I am such a fan of Lush because of their eco-friendly stance. They are company that practices what they preach.


Have you used any of these products? What is your favorite skincare product from Lush? What is a product you want to try? 

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10 thoughts on “Lush Obsession: Skincare

  1. I go back and forth with Lush. I am terrible at names and cannot tell you my favourite product, but I do really like their masks. It’s always the wonderful scents and beautiful packaging that draws me in. I’ve never used a Charcoal product before, but it something I would love to try. x

  2. Oooooh I havent tried any of these but they all sounds absolutely fab! And UGH I completely feel the sun-sensitive antibiotic struggle, my doctor put me on them last year (without telling me about the sun sensitive part) and it was SO PAINFUL. I was on them for two months before I went to pick up the prescription and the chemist said “oh goodness, how often are you applying sunscreen and what factor because these make your skin REALLY sensitive to sun”. The memory horrifies me to this day ;-; Have you ever tried the magnaminty mask? AMAZING for acne prone skin xxx

  3. Oh my gosh I love this post! I always want to try out new products at Lush and now I literally want to try everything. I love how fresh everything is 💕

  4. I love the jelly masks! I haven’t tried this one but it looks awesome with the gold flakes. Also my skin is going crazy as the UK is having so much hot weather, I have breakouts. Defo need to look out for the jelly mask and coalface😊 xx

  5. I’ve not tried a lot of Lush’s skincare range I have to admit, but I think you may have sold me. The bunny moon mask sounds a dream, my face is craving it already just thinking about it. And yes to a little bit of sparkle ✨ coalface sounds cool, and definitely something I would like to try. I’m not sure about Dark Angel because there’s no way I could deal with the mess.. I know I wouldn’t wash it off my face in time. Charity Pot sounds so cute, I love how they donate 100% of profit to charity. How amazing! Thanks for sharing hun these were great reviews, now I’m off to do a facemask and tomorrow I think I’ll be popping into Lush 😉

  6. I always love when you do Lush reviews! Charity Pot sounds so amazing! Love all that it stands for AND that it’s a great product! I’m currently using the Lush Eau Roma (I think that’s what it’s called!) toner and I love it!

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