Meaning in a Green Dot

I looked at my pics again and again oohing and aaahing over them with my friend. We had gotten up at an hour that should have been made illegal. Shooting photo after photo as the sun rose bathing us in dizzying light as we had an impromptu photoshoot.

I had not noticed the green dots on over half of my pictures until 12 hours later. Either I had been severely sleep deprived and unobservant, or they had just appeared.

During my teacher training, I had read a book by Wayne W Dyer called “Wishes Fulfilled.” In it, he mentioned the orb affect and the significance of it. It had intrigued me, so I did further research, reading a book titled “Orbs: Their mission and messages.” by Doctor Klaus Heinemann. Not long after I read those books, I had taken a picture with my new nephew, and in it, an orb had appeared.

While the technical answer is lighting, and lense flare. I had to figure out what the green orb or dot that had appeared in the pictures. For I had never come across it, until Sunday. For that I needed my trusty Google search engine to determine whether the cause was truly spiritual or just light playing tricks.

The technical answer is; that a green dot appears on many iPhone sixes at sunrise and sunsets. Why? No one knows, but assumes it is a glitch in software. On Apple’s message boards, users mentioned if you tilt your phone away from the rays, the dot will disappear.

Spiritual answer:

Taken from an essay written on

“In spiritual practice, green is associated with the heart. It is also associated with nature. Green orbs are sometimes thought to be an indication of the presence of a human spirit, as opposed to one that was never on Earth in human form. Likewise, green orbs may represent love or oneness with nature.” 

I like this explanation much better then my lense malfunctioning. Especially since I have taken a lot of sunset pictures and have never had it happen until now.

The ocean is a magical place, one where the sense of heaven and earth have joined as one. In many ways I feel close to my sister, who also had a love of the ocean and at one time had wanted to become a marine biologist. Old legend say, the dawning hours are when the walls between the human world and spirit world, are languid and people float back and forth between the two worlds.

I like to think maybe my sister was watching me, dance and twirl, and yes, shiver my derriere off.

It is up to you how you look at it, but just maybe our loved ones are not really that far off. The break of light sweeping across the reflective water and sandy beaches, coating everything in a golden light, they look down on us and in a gentle guidance. An act of love. And softly they whisper as they leave their mark on a picture.

They are watching always.

What do you think? Spiritual or technical or a bit of both or something else entirely?


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