Mermaid Tears

I was helping a friend create a blog the other day and we were going through names. Well as a writer I know Google is my best friend for finding names. As a fellow seaglass huntress I thought it would be cool for her to incorporate the name into her blog.

She ended up settling on a different name (but if you get the chance check her awesome blog out but in the process I discovered some really cool things about seaglass. And that included the names people have called it through out history.

One of those names is “Mermaid tears.” As legend (and google) have it, mermaids use to cry when sailors were lost at sea, and as such their tears were turned into glass.  Thus all that beautiful glass you come across on the beaches? THOSE are mermaid tears.

As someone who is sure in her past life she was a mermaid, I am obsessed with the name (I even wanted to change my instagram and rename this blog that, alas it was already taken, Anchors are cooler anyway and with a K?) as well as the history.

Next time you see a piece of seaglass on the beach…remember a mermaid created it somewhere out in the vast ocean.

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