Merry Christmas 2022

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” ~ Ruth Carter Stapleton

Merry Christmas friends!

It is here! It is here! I hope you all have an amazingly joyful and happy Christmas that is filled with so much magic and love! I am so grateful for all of you here who continue to grace this space and support my little neck of the World Wide Web. But more than that who have become amazing friends and family. It truly means the world to me. Life is about meaningful connection, and Christmas, especially is a time when it is all about connecting and reconnecting. As much as I love the decor, carols, lights, and festivities, the best part of this season are the memories I get to make with my loved ones, and the memories they make with me.

It is that sentiment I try to hold on to year round. Life can get crazy and insanely busy, but remembering to pause, and really focus on making the effort with our loved ones is so important. Life is truly fleeting, and our relationships are so much more important then any job, or superfluous. Making that time is something I am definitely going to try to do more of in the New Year. Thank you again for being here, and brightening my life. Merry Christmas friends. Have an amazing day! Love you all! <3 

How are you spending the day?  

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