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“Some days I want to look like a hipster kid, and then other days I want to be prim and proper. I really wish I had, like, seven lives so I could go from being a hipster one day to a punk the next. But that’s the great thing about fashion. In a way, it’s like acting, because you can try on all these different roles.” ~ Sophie Turner

I am blessed to have a pretty good relationship with my sister-in-law and shocker of shockers we actually do stuff together. some of which includes going shopping. While our styles might differ and she tends to do micro fashion as opposed to macro these days, I trust her judgement if something looks atrocious or actually looks half way decent on me. In fact she was the one who convinced me to wear shorts again. So essentially it is all her fault!

image Joking aside, she might be a mom but she never looks like it. My two nephews are always dressed to the nines. They always look so sharp that I have to shake my head at any little girl who dares look at them! They are way to dapper for their own good!

My SiL makes sure they look fashionable and handsome despite being precocious little devils. She has made me appreciate little man fashion. Their is something that just makes you want to go “Awe” when you see a little boy in a blazer or bow tie. All this written, their is no denying that dressing little girls is a bit more fun in my book.

So when I found out my SiL was having a niece I was ecstatic. Hello Micro Fashionista!

One of my favorite kid stores is a store called Janie and Jack. There is even one close to my apartment taunting my childless womb and making me want to spoil my nephews and nieces to the high heavens. It also makes me slightly less of the cool aunt, because what kid loves clothes? (though my niece will, so be my stylist heart!)


Of course when they are babies it doesn’t really matter. With the impending birth coming in weeks, (literally. Inam expecting a phone call…Like…..Now!) I was heartbroken as I perused the website for hours looking at adorable summer wear (literally my favorite time of year) various swimsuits, cover-ups, and sundresses. Even rompers! I wanted it all! Alas they were short on sizes with their summer sale in full swing and I knew with her being a September baby she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the clothes for as long.

Thus I decided to order for next year, even though I want to see her wear it now (And she isn’t even here yet!)

When I give gifts and it has multiple parts, I always have to have a theme. Call it my OCDness. I decided on nautical and navy blue for my theme.


After much searching and drooling I finally decided to buy her a white and navy romper that had a full skirt and literally made me wish I was a baby! It was that cute and stylish! I paired it with adorable navy blue socks with pink trim. I also bought a gorgeous white and navy headband with a huge bow. I am preparing her young for hats.


The masterpiece of it all, and something I seem to be buying the lil ladies appearing in my life: Mini Jackie O sunglasses.


I might have to wait a year to see her wear these, but it will well be worth the wait. My niece is already a fashionista in training! And she is going to be one heck of a stylish baby. Watch out Gerber!

What are your thoughts on baby/toddler fashion?

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