Monday Blues and Travel Hangovers

I am not one to complain about Mondays. Begining of the week usually means a brand new slate. As a writer nothing makes me happier then begining something new. In my mind that is what Mondys are. A blank page to write my adventures on.

Of course there are exceptions to this. One being travel hangovers (booze not included in that).

Alas don’t fear I have the perfect cure, for the Monday blues and travel hangovers.

I am obsessed with James Corden (sorry Fallon you have been replaced!) and his Carpool Karaoke is gold. Each one he does seems to get funnier and funnier.

My favorite by far is the one with Gwen, George, and Julia (defining what carpool is)  I could not stop laughing so today as we all struggle with the Monday Blues and Travel Hangovers, I post some comedic British wit to get you through the day and perhaps week. Nothing gives me a boost more then some good hearty laughter except maybe coffee.

How do you survive the begining of the week drag?

Happy giggles and survival of Mondays:)

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