My 2019 Skating Ornament

“It’s always a wonderful time to be able to settle down by the fire, enjoy the Christmas tree and the decorations, and just spend time with the ones you love and surround yourself with the people that you don’t get to see enough throughout the year.” ~ Jay DeMarcus

My Own Little Tree

My family could have had our own Christmas store with all the decorations and trees we use to put up as kids. From garland, to Department 56 Villages, to handmade snowflakes, and of course all of the lights, because you can never have to many lights, Santa must have been so proud, and if Buddy the elf ever visited he would have been screaming with joy. While our decorations outside extended just to lights, we more then made up for it inside. 669B2BA7-985F-4D50-88C1-A0ED753F8D8B

While we had (and still do) the big family Christmas tree in the living room that we would all decorate together and that Santa would leave presents under, we also each had our own small tree, that we could put up and decorate however we wanted too. From ultra glam and glitz, to Star Wars and action heroes to channeling Charlie Brown and gang, it was left up to us.


Ornaments have a way of reminding us of special moments, marking anniversaries, people, and important occasions. From the time we were infants, my siblings and I have all been gifted ornaments to mark and celebrate special events in our lives as well as sports, hobbies, and travel.


A New Ornament Each Year

Because my apartment in New York was tiny and I had no room to store my ornaments and decorations, I still kept my tree and all the special memories at my parents house, going so far as to leave it up year round, so I could enjoy it a little bit longer, even celebrating a little Christmas in July. It made for great mood lighting if nothing else.


From the time I was a preteen, I began calling my tree, The Skating Tree. The majority of the ornaments on the tree were figure skating in some way, whether it was the dozen versions of skates, random figurines, some of which admittedly do look a little possessed, to Hallmark’s commemorative ornaments of Kristi Yamaguchi, Peggy Fleming, and Michelle Kwan. It is a beautiful celebration of a sport, I still am passionate about. 70847358-A90D-429F-9E7C-E778BCD1E304

Despite not putting up a tree, I still buy a new skating ornament each year, a tradition my sister started for me as a kid, and one I kept up after she passed away. It is a way to celebrate the season with her, despite her not being physically here. Every year I would go to Bryant Park and peruse their various ornament shops in their Winter Village and pick a new skating ornament which I would then get personalized with the year.


This Year’s Ornament

Each year it has become a challenge, because I have accumulated quite the collection of skating ornaments. Unfortunately, also not being in New York, meant I couldn’t visit Bryant Park and see if they had any different ornaments. Thus, I began my hunt for a skating ornament bite early, having a feeling it would pose as a challenge. And it did. May of the stores selling ornaments, were selling ones I already had. I even searched when I was at Santa’s Village, but alas, Santa did not create new skating ornaments in his workshop this year.


After spending a lot of time both in shops and online, I finally decided to give Etsy a try. Thank the lawd for Etsy! I finally found a design I did not have and they personalized it, which had been another struggle to find. I was so excited. This ornament has two skates which are used as stockings and filled with all the Christmas cheer. I decided to keep it simple and just do the year.


It is a perfect addition to a tree that has morphed from “The Skating Tree” to channeling my mermaid heart as well as now showcasing many of the places this jetsetting blonde has travelled too. It isn’t just a Christmas tree, but a display of memories, love and so much happiness.


Do you have a theme for your tree? Do you get an annual ornament each year? 

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4 thoughts on “My 2019 Skating Ornament

  1. Omg this is beautiful hun, I love your tradition of getting a new skating ornament each year, and having a tree which holds so many wonderful memories. I think it’s a tradition I’m going to start for myself, and I’m going to collect ornaments everywhere I travel from my next trip onwards hehe, it’s a great way to celebrate and like you say, to deck your tree with wonderful memories! I’m so happy you were able to find a new skating ornament finally… truly Etsy is just so handy! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you too on my travels and if I see anything that looks unique, I’ll pick it up for ya! Love ya! ❤️

  2. Awww, I love your 2019 skating ornament. My mom and I always used to get a new ornament every year; it’s a fun way to add a little something new every year without going too crazy! <3

  3. Aaw I love that you’ve kept up the tradition. Your ornaments are all gorge💕 We have nowhere at ours for a tree etc but one day when we do, we have a cupboard full of decorations. Wooden decorations from Germany, a US flag one from New York etc x

  4. Oh wow, I love that you get a skating ornament every single year. What a beautiful tradition. ♡ Etsy is so amazing– you can find so much one there & I’m glad you were able to find that unique design, it is so cute & creative!

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