My Christmas Mug Collection

“Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it — you feel it. You know it. You believe it.”  ~Kevin Alan Milne

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Y’all know I am a bonafide coffeeholic. A friend recently did a poll asking when people stopped drinking coffee and my response to her was you are suppose to stop drinking coffee? Before people gasp in horror, I was joking, kind of. I adore the French (and really Europe as a whole) mentality of drinking coffee around the clock. After all they have coffee after dinner! And it always felt absolutely decadent to me!

I admit I love the taste more then I think that it does anything stimulating for me. In fact it was around the holidays that I was at the Maine Mall doing some shopping and had eight shots of espresso, drove the hour and a half home and fell asleep almost immediately. For me it is more of a ritual, then anything else. In the mornings my brewing a cup or stopping at the local coffee shop kick starts my day, and if I am working, it gets me into that head space telling my brain that, okay it is time to get to work.

But ultimately, it brings me so much joy! And how can you argue with that? One of my favorite days is when Starbucks releases their red cups. I love the festive colors and designs and it is another added touch of cheer during the holiday season. It isn’t JUST drinking coffee that brings joy into my life, it might sound basic, but what I drink out of also fills those sam cups with joy!

My Mug Collection 

I have quite a few mugs all of which I love. I am not someone who has ONE mug they drink out of in the morning. I know people like that and I admire their dedication. No, I have an assortment of mugs and my only criteria is they have to be big, and I prefer it if they are oddly shaped. They can not be boring. And I find Christmas mugs are the most fun of all. Drinking out of frosty or a Santa shaped mug is so much fun! I actually owe it to Christmas for really kicking off my mug collection. There is something so fun and festive about Christmas mugs. They also are very rarely boring. They have unique fun shapes, and cute designs. While I rotate, I do have three mugs that are my favorite, but of course that also changes from year to year when I get new ones!

My Christmas Melsy

This might be my favorite mug. Melsy has mugs for every occasion and I am fast on my way to collecting one for every season and holiday! But my favorite just might be the one that pays an ode to not just my favorite city, but an ode to my favorite activity of years passed, figure skating. The Melsy’s Rockefeller mug is pure perfection and the fact that I could also personalize it made my day. It is also the perfect size. It is big and fits so much of that java goodness!

Hallmark watching Mug

I mean do I REALLY need to explain this one? Ya’ll know by now my obsession with Hallmark Christmas movies and I feel I would be failing my duty with not having a mug to drink out of. This is also the PERFECT size. It is so big, and I love the round shape. I almost feel like I am drinking out of a cauldron! It is extremely durable and keeps my coffee hot for a long time.

Santa mugs

This might come as a surprise, but I didn’t have a Santa mug until last year and friends I was missing out! This is one of my favorite mugs and such a classic look. It is definitely my go to when taking pictures (yes it makes an amazon prop! No shame!) because it is so adorable. It’s size is also deceiving! It is quite big but still easy to drink out of!

Honorable Mentions

I have two snowflake mugs that for years were my go-tos, they are nearly identical safe for their coloring, one is blue snowflakes and the other is green and red snowflakes. Both fit SO much java, and are heavy duty. I love them. I also have another Santa mug, but that is more for decorative purposes as I find it difficult to drink out of. I love each of my mugs and they have actually travelled with me from NH to NY and back and they will be traveling with me when I move again. You could say they are steadfast friends, not just during the holiday season, but through out the years.

DO you have a Christmas mug? DO you rotate your coffee mugs or do you have that one you drink out of on the daily? 


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2 thoughts on “My Christmas Mug Collection

  1. I’m one of those boring people who use the same mug every day, but in my defense I am so NOT a morning person that if I deviate from my routine at all I get lost.

  2. So cute!! I love a mug. You would like Sophie and Pete from UK Gogglebox, they’re always drinking out of something fun!! I love the Hallmark mug, so cute. Thanks for sharing <3 xxx

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