My First Friday Favorites

“Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells
And schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things” ~ Julie Andrews 

First of all I adore Dame Julie Andrews, secondly can you believe in my over a decade (almost two!) of blogging I have never done a Friday Favorites? I love reading them, and every time I do I always think of this song! Yet, I have never actually sat down to write one. That changes today! While this week had its highs and its lows I have a few things that made my week that I have to give a shout out too.

Charleton Churchill Photography

I actually had come across Charleton Churchill’s Instagram feed awhile ago. As an adventure wedding photographer, his pictures are truly one of a kind and captivating. I got lost in his feed for hours. A couple days ago, I found out he had done a wedding on Everest.


Oh. My. Lanta! If you have not seen these gorgeous photos you need to stop reading this, click this link, and drool. Seriously I won’t be offended, his pictures are that stunning!

It is on my bucket list to go to Everest. I know several people who have been and the experiences they had was truly life changing. To be married on it, takes it to a whole other crazily awesome level!

Sephora Face Masks

With wedding season firmly upon me, I need to keep my face hydrated when I am dehydrating myself with late nights and spirits. These individualized face masks are the perfect way to do that. They aren’t messy and while you might look like a mummy, they work! I am obsessed with the Green Tea one. My skin loves it too!


Beach by Bobbi Brown

Okay this is not a new fav (check out my Scent of a Woman Post) but surprisingly, I tend to use this scent mostly during the Winter months when this mermaid is missing her ocean and sand. The smells of sunscreen, and salty air brings me right back to my happy place and is an instant mood lifter during the Winter doldrums. I didn’t top using it as the Winter months ended and Spring began to blossom, perhaps because it seemed like forever until we actually GOT warmer weather. Nope I am still so obsessed that I need to order more!


Sunshine and Summertime

It is here. It is here! Of course I say this AFTER a ski resort near my hometown got six inches of snow from the N’oeaster this past weekend. But while it sucks for them, (sorry New Hampshirites) it has been seventies…And eighties…AND nineties this week! Hello warm weather where have you been all my life? Seriously, Studying in Central Park, trips to Brighten Beach and Fire Island. Oh how I love thee warm weather!



Seriously I am currently about to get on a train, and this Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream cold brew with light ice and extra vanilla (yes that is my SUMMER drink of choice) is my salvation right now. I love iced coffee but can only drink it when it is hot out, (which it is yay!) and this is literally my favorite drink! I am off for a weekend of fun now!


On another note, once again I am reminded about how truly wonderful my family and friends are, as well as how fleeting life can be. To everyone who reached out to me yesterday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am forever grateful for all the compassion and love that graces my life. <3  <3 <3

I hope you loves all have a great weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? What are some of your Friday Favorites? If you do a Friday Favorite’s post the link below. Let’s show each other some love! <3 

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7 thoughts on “My First Friday Favorites

  1. OMG, that wedding on Mt Everest?!?!!? I literally had chills going through the photo blog. It also makes me feel like WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?! lolol That was an unbelievable lurk and I’m not even done yet. The “YES they married in these boots” So cute. Just wow. Cheers to the warm weather, I am thrilleddddd!!!!! Lavishing in it as much as I can because knowing East coast weather we’ll have cold weather again in no time lol Darn you Mother Nature! Have a great weekend love<3

    xo, JJ

  2. Some fabulous favourite moments and things here 😀
    I may have to start doing this too! Nice idea 😀

    1. Thanks sweets! So many blogs I follow do it, and had so many miscellaneous things I wanted to share, I thought it would be perfect to do! <3

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