My Flocked Christmas Tree

“The smell of pine needles, spruce and the smell of a Christmas tree – those to me, are the scents of the holidays.” ~ Blake Lively

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Christmas Decor

Christmas was the one holiday I would come home for when I lived in New York. And the first couple years it would be a speedy rush of getting the decorations up and then taking them down before I hopped back on a plane. In case you were wondering, I have a LOT of decorations! And it was a LOT putting them up AND taking them down and the enjoyment seemed to be lost in the midst of boxing and unboxing them. Not to mention being home for only a short while, I didn’t really feel like spending ALL that time decorating, when I wanted to spend it with family and friends.

I like to think I am a quick learner and I realized I needed to either not put them up, which made me sad to even contemplate, or leave them up year round. I decided on the latter. Both my Christmas Village and Christmas tree stay up year round and have for years now. I will rearrange them both, especially as I get ornaments and buildings each year, but they are now a permanent fixture as room decor in my bedroom.

The Flocked Tree

This year I decided to switch it up just a little bit. I have loved flocked trees and even begged my parents to do a big flocked tree as our main tree. (to no avail) Alas my regular evergreen tree was old and beginning to look a little sad. After all it is hard work being lit year round, or rather, whenever I was home. I decided now was the time to make the change to a flocked tree and I am SO happy I did!

Not going to lie flocked trees are messy and since they are still trendy, also on the more expensive side. You can make your own DIY, with pretend snow, a spray bottle and water, but that is also messy. (though I recommend doing it outside!) I actually had been looking for a four foot pre-lit flocked tree for a couple years and was unable to find one. It was like the holy grail to have ALL my criteria met: right height, pre-lit (the way to go) and flocked! In fact last year, I had ordered one from Amazon and got a faux cactus plant. (which was kinda funny) Thankfully in late September Walmart came out with a limited selection of trees (thanks to supply shortages) and low and behold a four foot pre-lit flocked Christmas tree was there. The one and only one, had my name on it and I snagged it up.

A Winter Wonderland

As I mentioned it was a bit messy. As I was setting it up and letting the branches rest, there was quite a bit of “snow” that fell on the floor. But once it was set up, it seemed to settle and I set to decorating it. The one tedious part of all of this, was taking all of my ornaments off and putting them back on. It did take longer because this time, I took care in how I was decorating and where I was placing ornaments. I wanted it to look aesthetically perfect to my tastes. And lord was it!

I LOVED the way it looks! Not only does the flocked branches give it a wintery Christmas feel, it also brightens my room much more then the old evergreen tree ever did. I also feel like it showcases the ornaments much better against the white green backdrop. With my flocked lighted garland it really does feel like a Christmas oasis, that I want to stay in forever. Good thing my office is also in there, because it really is dreamy!

Do you have a flocked tree? How do you feel about flocking?

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  1. Pretty! 😍 I lack your dedication to all things Christmas – I could never go with the messier option, no matter how much I like the way it looks!

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