My Gemini Twin

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll


I am a firm believer that people come into our life at times when we need that particular personality or traits in our lives. And while like with tides, friendships ebb and flow, even the worst relationships are lessons we need in order to help us grow and become stronger. While I have written about friendship/bestie struggles over the summer, it has also cemented some incredible friendships which have continued to grow steadfastly.

One of them, is my Gemini twin whom I met six years ago through inexplicable tragedy when I was at the lowest point in my life. While fate can be an incredibly hurtful devil, if there is any truth to the quote “Everything happens for a reason,” I am a firm believer she is that reason. I also believe even if life had been sunshine and daisies, we still would have found our way towards each other. We truly are kindred spirits, like two peas in a pod or the Gemini twins that our astrological sign represents.

There are people you meet in this life. And you just know. These are my peeps. They are meant to be in your life. Not as a passing moment or a perhaps a phase, but always and forever. True friends that have no secrets. No walls. That get you and understand you in ways few people ever have. Where you can have conversations that scandalize others while you walk down the street, but makes the two of you laugh.

My Gemini Twin on the surface looks like my complete opposite. She is a foot taller then I am, which actually works in our favor. She reaches the high shelves and I save her back from breaking on the low ones. She is a brunette and I am very much blonde. Yet that works also, because we never have to fight over colors. Or worry we will be twins. In fact if we were twins I would be honored, she has the Kate Middleton thing going on.


I remember the first time we really hung out, she was my date to our friends wedding as we were both going solo. It could have been incredibly awkward like those horrendous first dates we all have been on. Which also could have been made worse with the discovery she doesn’t drink coffee. Gasps! How could I be friends with a non coffee drinker? (Ironically my other two besties also don’t drink coffee, thanks universe) Yet I was, and our “first date” was as far away from a disaster as possible. I think it was then I realized it was a match made in friendship paradise.

Since then we have had many Amanda and Kate Adventures. From, museums where we view at the same pace so there is no feeling rushed, to even appreciating the same types of exhibits and art, to two for one martinis and taco nights. Then there are the days we can sit for hours upon hours in Maison Kayser sipping coffee (her chai) and just talk. Literally about anything. The conversation doth not run dry. Sorry, many of those conversations will be going to my grave.

Amanda is one of the few people I trust to share my story ideas with and even read my novels. Her knowledge and opinions I value, respect, and listen too. When I am stressed or have (boy) troubles she calms me down and the laughter is always second to none. I always feel like I am getting the best abdominal work out whenever we are together.

She has suffered through being my (amazingly talented) photographer, reading my mind in knowing what I want as well as handling my neurotic type A personality. Every time we are together it feels like I only saw her a few seconds ago. Facebook and Instagram have nothing to do with the camaraderie that we have.


I am so blessed to have my compassionate, funny, super intelligent, beautiful inside and out Gemini Twin. I am grateful for all the memories we made this past week, in the last six years, and for all the rest to come.

Do you have a friend that just gets you, like  Cory to your Shawn? Or Harry to your Hermione and Ron?

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