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My Lips, My Lovely Lady Lips

My Lips, My Lovely Lady Lips

I get compliments all the time about my lips.

It is a feat unto itself because for years I have dreamed about having the Angelina Pout. Those thick sultry lips, that with one look make men and women alike die.

Alas I am stuck with my pencil thin lips, that make you have to squint really hard or you will blink and miss them.

Despite that sad lack of lip or perhaps because of it, I still rock a mean juicy pout. My color of choice?

Why red of course.

Because when you were born with paper thin lips, well you can still be bold anyway, which is what I have chosen to be. Nothing is as bold as a red lip.

Oh I will experiment with berries and even gasp sparkly nudes.

But I always come back to the red lip. A nice daring yet ultra classy, glossy bright red lip. It is a throwback to a glitzier time, where young Hollywood starlets and flappers alike would rock it.

And guess what? Anyone can wear it. It might seem daunting at first, a bit out of your comfort zone, but then being comfortable is boring. Make-up especially your lips were made to be played with and flaunted. If you are unsure of where to begin, I love going to Sephora and asking for their advice about different lip colors. They will let you try on different colors and willingly give you their honest opinion.

Thanks to their advice I have been daring enough to expand into oranges and purples going way outside my comfort zone.

I prepare my lips, like an artist would prepare a canvas, in three simple easy steps.


I begin with a clean slate, before I set my base. I love a bright glossy kissable lip, I I always use a lipstick with a gloss over it. Because of that I use a mineral foundation (Aveda Aster 02) and sweep it over my lips, so that the color will not bleed. While lip gloss is everything, it can become quite messy if not set right.

I then use a lipstick to out line my lips and fill them in. When my membership renewed for VIB rouge at Sephora, I got a lipstick made especially for them, by Bite Beauty. It is the perfect red shade!

I let that set for a few minutes. Then finish with a high shine red lipgloss. I am currently obsessed with Estee Lauder’s lacquer in Hot Cherry. It is hot! And glossy. It also has a bit of shimmer in it, that adds that extra dimension to the fire engine red.

A perfect sexy red pout!


What is your favorite lipstick? Are you a matte or gloss (or both) type of gal?




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