My MerTwin: Destined To Be Besties

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” ~ Ann Landers


Having just celebrated our friendsaversary and realizing that though I have given her very honorable mentions, I have not actually dedicated a whole entire post to my stunningly beautiful, kind-hearted, snail to my shell, and water to my wave, my very own mer-twin!

Can we say Friend failure?!


Tiffany and I were destined to be friends. I know it sounds so utterly cliche, but it does not negate that fact. She is from Maine. I am from New Hampshire. We literally grew up an hour and fifteen minutes apart and as kids frequented the same places. We were destined to run into each other at some point right?


Despite our New England roots, we didn’t meet until we both had moved to New York.


A small world after all

One Spring day four years ago, I was getting my tan on in Cedar Hill and Tiffany was rounding up her littles at the Ancient Playground. They are literally a block apart right by The Met. A friend noticed that we were literally a hop skip and a block from each other and introduced us via the good old Facebook.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg AND Melissa!

The Meet 

After chatting for a few days, we decided to meet at the now defunct Little Brown Coffee Haus on the Upper East Side where we both lived at the time.

Ladies and gents please cue choir of angels!


Overlooking the tiny fact she is a tea drinker not a coffee drinker (I’ll forgive her since it seems Like a running trait in my best friends ahem Gemini Twin) we instantly clicked talking for hours as we realized we had a ton in common! Not drinking coffee aside (Still working on getting over that!) we were both wine connoisseurs, loved the ocean, weren’t just chefs but bakers and the kicker we wanted to be writers!

Thus on a rainy day on the Upper East Side in what could have been a Sex and The City moment, a solid friendship was born. Through moves to and from the city (Tiffany) and many trips to Maine (me) our friendship has with stood a lot in a short, but no less memorable, span of time.



Tiffany was the one who helped me find my inner merqueen. I had always loved the beach and after various meet-ups at a few of my favorites in Maine, she introduced me to HER favorites, taking me on merventures throughout the South Portland area.

We even started a tradition. Every year around my birthday, we would take a boat ride on an old fashioned schooner, channeling our inner mermaids as we sailed around Casco Bay, posing for pictures and enjoying the stunning views of the historic rocky coast and the numerous lighthouses that personify Maine.



It literally feels like we have been friends for ever. The countless memories we have made in the last four years have been innumerable. From Fancy Fridays at Top of the East, to reenacting Breakfast at Tiffany’s in NYC, to photo shoots, to dates at Maison Kayser, to getting up super early to visit the Today Show, not to mention all our merventures it is never a dull moment with this girl.


She gets me in a way that few people do. Always knowing when to call me on my bullshit in a funny, yet kind way. And even protecting me from myself when I try to push myself to much. I can always bounce writing ideas off her and know she will give me solid feedback. We even joke about how our Russian Writing Muses love to torture us.


Mer-Twins Reunited!

When Tiffany moved to Bar Harbor a year and a half ago to be with the love of her life, I cried because she was to far away for a day trip when I went home. Yet, somehow we have made it work. Through phone calls, FaceTime, and countless texted conversations (which makes my heart laugh) we have stayed besties. It is a friendship that literally takes no effort, because we BOTH want it.


Despite the distance we have still managed to see each other fairly frequently, and finally, FINALLY, I am metaphorically swimming my derriere to Bar Harbor to see her.

It has been a long time coming but the Mertwins are reuniting and I only hope Tiffany’s man can handle us! I am not just elated to see my bestie’s town, which isn’t just stunning but a mer-playground! I am ecstatic to spend time with her and make even more memories!


Just thinking about it, gives my heart all the feels. I am so blessed to have my mertwin in my life. Everyone needs someone like her, and I am so lucky that through what was destiny, I found mine!

Do you have a Mer-Twin? How did you guys meet? 

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14 thoughts on “My MerTwin: Destined To Be Besties

  1. Aw you guys are so cute! Best friends make life so much better 🙂 I have a couple of friends like this and I miss them terrible cause we are separated on different parts of the country!

  2. I absolutely love this story! You guys have such a beautiful friendship. My best friend and I actually rode the holiday train together at the mall when we were three accidentally, but didn’t actually meet until I moved schools in third grade! She’s been my bestie ever since. SUCH a small world! xx.

  3. I love this mertwin friendship you have with Tiffany!! I also love that she too is a gem like you <3 Distance totally tests friendships/relationships but its amazing when a friendship can endure distance thats how you know it true and genuine. Similarly between Britt and I, granted we're only an hour away but see each other once a month if that but with how much contact we have with one another on the daily, its as if we see each other every day anyways! I'm totally feeling the love exuding from this post you two are such a perfect duo<3

    xo, JJ

    1. Oh my gosh you are giving me all the feels reading your comments! Thank you! And she is! It totally does! I have had other friendships that once I or they moved crumbled. It stunk, but it makes me appreciate even more my friendship with Tiff and how we have kept it going.
      I love that! you guys are the cutest! And I totally understand what you are saying! Tiff and I are the same. Staying connected is so key! Awe thank you sweets! Awe I feel the same way about you and Britt! Yay for besties! <3

  4. HELLO GOOOORGEOUS! I absolutely adore these outfits and hair and makeup. All so beautiful! And hahah good ole’ Mark Zuckerberg- responsible for so many friendships, right?! It’s also kind of uncanny how much you two are alike- minus her being a tea drinker (trying very hard to understand, but I cannot!). BOTH of you are Merqueens. (Love that new word that I am totally incorporating into my vocabulary). Can we all hangout, please?!

    My mer twin is way back in Ohio, currently about to go into labor any second. Haha! We met in middle school and have been inseparable since. Ok- that’s a lie considering we are on different coasts, butttt we talk nearly daily and she is certainly my kindred spirit. I actually have wanted to write a post dedicated to her and haven’t had the time. Hopefully soon!

    Love this post and convo. XO

    1. Ahhhh reading all your comments made my day! Haha when I was going through pictures I was like holy hair changes! And thank you sweets! <3 He is! He deserves a medal! Lol.
      Bwahahaha it was tough coming to terms with and I have converted her to at least drink iced coffee (progress!!!!) I am glad you like it and yasss you totally need too!
      I love that! And congrats to your mer-twin! So so exciting! If you talk almost daily you are inseparable! I seriously love that! yay for kindred spirits! Yes! I would love reading about your very own mer-twin! It makes me so happy reading this! I love good people and when you have that person you can fall back on. Awe thanks sweets and thanks for reading! <3 <3 <3

      1. Awww I will pass on the sweet words to her! I’m screen-shotting this right now hehe. And of course- I absolutely loved reading through these posts. I finally felt like everything was right in the world when I had a second to blog. <3

        1. Oh you are the sweetest! I totally here you! this week has been insane and I am so behind on my Mount desert Island posts! And then I had a friend visit this week so I am now even farther behind. And now I haven;t had a chance to catch up on comments or posts….ahhh #bloggingproblems :p But really if that is all that is wrong, then I have it pretty good! And as always your comments brighten my day even if I can’t don’t respond to all of them! <3 <3 <3

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