My Oh So Very Extra Avocado Toast Recipe

“The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise” ~David Fairchild

Avocado Extraness

On the verge of sounding like a typical millennial, with ALL the extraness (because in no way am I basic) I LOVE avocado toast. Like legit LOVE it, am obsessed with it, would have it all day, every day for EVERY meal if I could. Aside from coffee, it just might be my second love. It is a food and dish, that for me, never gets old. In general avocado is super yummy and I put it on everything from salads, to omelets to chili to making stuffed avocados, guacamole (which I have shared here) and of course avocado toast.

Let’s be honest Avocado toast just might be the most basic of all dishes, but there is a reason because it is SO flipping yummy! AND good for you! I decided that I would attempt (key word attempt!) to share my recipe with you. I say attempt, because I actually don’t measure ANYTHING. I eye-ball it to my taste buds which LOVE the spice and the garlic, and I do NOT skimp on either. But the great thing about this dish, is that it really is up to the chef how much flavor you want to give it.

What you need:

~ 1 whole Avocado

~ Roughly a quarter block of softened Cream Cheese

~ Olive Oil

~ bagel or bread ~ It honestly depends on what you are in the mood for and I actually used a baguette in these pictures which was equally just as yummy and hat I called my French take on the dish.

To taste:

~salt, pepper, chili flakes,

~Onion powder, fresh minced garlic,


How to make it:

I make sure my cream cheese is soft, and then I smash my avocado and olive oil with it, using a fork. Unlike guacamole, I don’t like to have large chunks so smash it until it is smooth.

Tip #1: You want an avocado that is ripe which means soft but still on the firm side. If it is to squishy it means it is to ripe.

Tip #2: Avocado hand is REAL, (it is actually the most common of kitchen injuries) and you want to be careful when taking out the pit. I usually half the avocado, cutting around the pit. Depending on what I am making I will slice the inside of the avocado into squares before then scooping it out with a spoon. A ripe avocado usually has the pit coming out quite easily.

Once it is mashed up I will add the spices minus the sriracha, again to my taste buds. I then set the bowl aside so the flavors can meld together, while I take care of my bread or whatever it is I am using.

Once the bread is toasted, I scoop the avocado mixture onto it. It WILL fall off, but that is the deliciousness! I then drizzle (or rather dump!) sriracha on it and then devour it. It literally is the simplest yet yummiest meal I make. Bon Appetite!

Do you like avocado? Do you like avocado toast? What is your favorite avocado dish?

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2 thoughts on “My Oh So Very Extra Avocado Toast Recipe

  1. I love avocado! I’ve never thought about mixing it with cream cheese to make a spread, sounds yummy! I’ll have to give it a try!

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