My Skating Tree and Christmas Oasis

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” -Charles Dickens

Christmas Oasis 

Each year I share the ornaments that I get for my personal Christmas tree, but I haven’t actually shared MY tree. Which shows years, decades really, of memories from infancy to present. And while I have shared my village, I haven’t shared the other decorations I have put up in the last month, since I rearranged and was definitely attempting to channel my inner Cindy Lou-Who.

My Christmas Tree

While I call my personal Christmas tree, a skating tree, I actually have a lot of other ornaments on it, that aren’t just skating. It truly does represent my life, as I have ornaments that people got me for my first Christmas. It goes through my phases from when I was obsessed with American Girl Dolls, to Harry Potter, to writing and traveling and even yoga.

Of course as many skating ornaments as I have, since I do get one every year, I also have tons and tons of Nautical ornaments, from real sand dollars and starfish, to anchors to quite a few mermaids. I also began collecting ornaments from my travels which also happen to be very nautical-esque since a well travelled trip isn’t complete without a visit to a beach. I  also have ornaments that pay homage to my time in New York as well as my love of Paris and other European cities. It truly is a tree of passions, joy, and love.

Other Decorations

Since I lived in New York, and kept my tree and Christmas village up year round, I never really added more Christmas decorations, because I didn’t really have the time nor feel the need to go all out. Of course it IS 2020 and all the light is necessary right now.

When my shelf was put back up, I wasn’t entirely sure, WHAT I was going to put on it. I still don’t, but since I am obsessed with flocked garland, I decided to add a little more brightness and light to it, and using my shelf like a mantle I draped the garland around it. I thought about leaving it as is, but I had a beachy Christmas sign as well as a bunch of Christmas Melsy prints I decided to weave into the garland. I adore how it looks. It is simple, yet warm and oh so Christmasy and I might just leave it up year round!

I love my little Christmas Oasis, it brings me so much joy especially this year. Not only is it an oasis but it is the perfect place to work and be inspired by. Many days and nights I will turn on my village and tree and work by the soft glow of those lights and I love it. It truly is a little slice of joy amongst the crazy!

Do you decorate your house? Do you have a personal tree? 

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