My Unpopular Opinions

“Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” ~ Victor Hugo

Unpopular Opinions

Firstly I need to thank my girl Jamie, at Don’t Give a Jam because she is the QUEEN of Unpopular opinions. Seriously I LOVE her series and if you haven’t followed her GO check that series and the rest of her amazing blog as well as her YouTube channel out. She keeps it real in a hilariously authentically her fashion. And I love it!

As I mentioned previously, I have been trying to catch up and slim down by drafts folder, which is no small feat, and there are a lot of ideas and have written drafts that I haven’t finished, because something else always comes around. Well with NaNoWriMo, upcoming trips, I’ll be sharing with you AND Blogmas (YES blogmas!!!) I decided I needed to get to writing, before my drafts folder explodes!

This post was inspired by Jamie, but it also actually came to fruition because, I got a lot of comments on what I sleep in. Which is both funny and awkward. (Yet I will talk about the horizontal quite freely so go figure) Legit I have no idea WHY I find it funny, but I do. I also was sharing my opinions about flowers, (that I have a love hate relationship, they bring me cheer but they are wasteful) and of course the current debate going on; IS it to early for Christmas, (I think we know my opinion on that) so without further adieu here are my unpopular opinions! 


This is all written in good fun. I am in no way attacking anyone nor do I think less of anyone for having differing views. (well maybe if you are Grinch…kidding!) Also if something makes you happy DO it! Lord knows people have opinions about me spending five dollars (well technically three now because I get Americanos) on coffee, but it brings me joy every day, also I am a much more pleasant person…just saying. Anywho, what someone considers frivolity can be important to someone else, so do you boo, especially if it brings you joy! 

Pajamas are a waste

Now before your minds go all dirty, I sleep in a sports tee (GO New York!) and Lululemon shorts. Items of clothing that I own copious amounts of and can wear out into the real world. Thus I am not wasting money on clothes that really have only one use. Lord knows winter gear takes up a lot of space, and has NO versatility, and pajamas are the same. Now admittedly, the one allowance I make are Christmas PJ’s, hey ’tis the season!

Flowers Are a waste

Okay my mind has changed slightly on this one, like a lot, especially with the pandemic, because it IS important to treat yo’self (Hello coffee!). And flowers are DEFINITELY a treat in my book. A treat that doesn’t last that long, but they are beautiful and they do bring instant joy for however long they last. So I guess my opinion is neutral now? I feel like my Gemini started showing with this. 

Lakes are Dirty

I am ready for the hate, especially because I know people’s opinions on the ocean. (I get it the ocean is scary,  you don’t like the salt, there are sharks oh my!) But, BUT BUT the ocean is constantly changing, (hello tides) thus the water is never stagnate, unlike a lake. I am sure it is different with the Great Lakes, (actually I know it is, so those are exempt) but at least around here by July, most of the lakes are so polluted they put warnings on them. Yuck! And also lakes DO have just as creepy if not more so wildlife in them as well, like leeches and snakes. Yes my disdain for lakes knows no bounds.

Coffee tastes better when others make it.

I mean I already mentioned coffee, and I can’t NOT do an Unpopular Opinions Post AND NOT add a coffee segment. But it is true. Coffee DOES taste better when others make it. Honestly MOST food tastes better when others make it. And yes coffee is a treat and yes I am all for it. 

Chocolate is only good when caramel or peanut butter is in it.

Yup, I have gone there! I actually don’t know if I have shared this in my many years of blogging, but if I haven’t, I hate chocolate unless there is something in it, like caramel (which is yummy and delicious!) but a a whole bar of chocolate? Excuse me while I go be sick. And we won’t even discuss chocolate cake, or chocolate ice cream! I am a vanilla and caramel girl ALL the way!

Starbucks over Dunkin

Now I am just spoiling for a fight, not to mention ANOTHER coffee mention, yes I am obsessed, but I blame the time change. And I also just could not help myself. Starbucks Will ALWAYS beat Dunkins hands down. It is not even a debate. It is not an opinion, I will die on this hill. Starbucks EVERY darn time! The end.

New York over Boston (sports teams)

And because I just decided to go big or go home and create World War three why stop at coffee? New York is the far superior sports team over Boston. Again. The. End. New York is the best. I could mention all the times New York has beaten Boston, in say the Super Bowl, or baseball, but I’ll be nice…kinda. And yes I know y’all are like you were born in New Hampshire, BUT my Mom and her family (whom I was and am close to) are from New Jersey originally and those roots are strong! Thus why I moved to New York and not say Boston. 

I feel like I need to add a side note here, because honestly the rivalry between New York and Boston is one that is very endearing to me. Yes some people can take it to far, (like with all things) but I love giving my friends a hard time and likewise I love when they give me a hard time. Sports games are more interesting because of that, and I hope it is one sports rivalry that last for decades to come. 

90 Degree temps over negative 20

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but friends I would rather be sweating then freezing. I can and do suffer through the cold, shockingly to my friends, but I don’t like doing it, I do it because it is a necessity, and a thing called work. Please, PLEAE just give me warmth year round! 

Changing the Clocks 

WHY is this still a thing? There was a funny video on Instagram about it. The time change without fail ALWAYS messes me up, even when we get an extra hour and while I do love that it is lighter in the morning, I would rather just suffer through and keep the clocks as is.

Morning over evening

Ah, a nice segue, with the previous opinion, I am very staunchly a morning person. Like I prefer to be up at the crack of dawn, and have my tasks completed on the earlier side then, what until the evening. Especially in the winter when it is dark and cold out. 

It is NEVER to early for Christmas

Yup I said it! Another hill I will die on. Christmas deserves two months, at least! My friend Britt even thinks it deserves more, and friends I kinda agree with her! If it brings you joy there is NOTHING wrong with that. And as my friend Lauren said, you do all that work for one month? NO thank you! I want the fruits of my Christmas Labor appreciated for weeks! And oh yeah, the joy thing too helps! 

I think I will end it there, I actually have a lot more Unpopular Opinions, that I might have to do a part two. I hope you enjoyed this and found the hilarity in my commentary about my opinions, as well as got to know me a little bit better. 

What are some of your Unpopular Opinions? I would love to hear your thoughts! They can be outrageous or common as you want! Have an amazing day friends! 


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2 thoughts on “My Unpopular Opinions

  1. I actually agreed with quite a bit of these! I do love flowers, and I used to hate matching pj sets, buttt I felt like they look so cute and you tend to look more put together in them, verses mix match tshirts! I have a few pj sets that I wear when I’m on vacation or trips with my friends, aha. I also love starbucks over dunkin. The coffee is far more superior. Great post, super fun to read xx

    Melina |

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