National Lighthouse Day 2023

“A lighthouse doesn’t save the ships; it doesn’t go out and rescue them, it’s just this pillar that helps to guide people home.” – Lea Michele

Happy National Lighthouse Friends!

It is National Lighthouse Day! And no this isn’t a made up Instagram Day. National Lighthouse Day was actually created long before Instagram and even before the general public had computers. Nope, August 7, was designated National Lighthouse Day in 1989, 200 years after Congress approved an Act to help protect and support our nations, lighthouses, buoys, and piers. While many of them have been handed over to the Coast Guard, just as many are maintained by private organizations. And on August 7, many of these lighthouses, that are normally closed, are opened to the public, to climb up, explore, and even learn about our nautical history. They host events and have fundraisers to further support and maintain these lighthouses.

Lighthouse Seeker

Lighthouses are literally one of my favorite things. Where ever I travel, I always try to seek the lighthouses out. I have been able to see most of the lighthouses that inhibit the main land as well as some on the barrier islands in Maine, New York, and the Carolinas. While I am not a fan of heights, I do love going up to the top if they are open to visitors. The views they offer are stunning! Lighthouses have so much history and there are so many incredible ones throughout the country, but also the world! My favorites are the Portland Breakwater Light also known as Bug Light, Owl’s Head Light, and one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world, Portland Headlight. The last one might sound super cliche, but friends it is quintessential New England, and was even used in the Sixth Season of Marvel’s Agent of Shield. Here are some of my favorite lighthouses.

Portland Headlight
Manteo Light
Portland Breakwater Light aka Bug Light
Morris Island Lighthouse
Dyce head
Spring Point Ledge
Brant Point Light
Owl’s head
Gay Head Light

Do you love lighthouses? How many have you been to? What is your favorite one? 

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