National Lipstick Day

“I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.” Rose McGowan

National (RED) Lipstick Day

Today is the day Christmas comes again and again. It is pucker up and pout! It is is throw that gloss on and smack your lips!

It IS National Lipstick day!

Now I know with the rise of social media there are a lot of these “National” days. But the truth is, I can completely get behind this one. I may not wear make-up, but you can bet without fail, I WILL have my staple red lipstick on.

While technically it is JUST National Lipstick Day and I added the red. There is something so classic about that crimson color. It screams glamour, yet at the same time I am woman. It is a color while bright and bold, can be worn anywhere. It is an instant way to dress up an outfit while also commanding a room. In many ways it is my armor, even if the rest of my face is naked.


Red Through The Ages

It really is such a classic color, with a varied, and yes sometimes tumultuous history, dating back as far as ancient Egypt and some suspect even before that to the ancient Sumerians. While it has had its ebb and flow of popularity through out the years sometimes relegated to being only worn by those in lower classes or who worked in prostitution, many powerful women have donned the bright shade including Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinette.


In 1920 red got a new lip-lift with the resurgence of Hollywood and such starlets like Clara Bow and Mae Murray. In fact during world war II it was positively patriotic to paint the “Victory red” on one’s lips. And of course their are Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor who are mascots of the shade even today.

My Red

Much like most fashion trends red might come and go, but it is a shade that is positively timeless! Occasionally I will go outside the box, with orange or berry or even nude, but for me red will always have my heart and it is always the color I gravitate to when I am unsure of what to paint my pout.


Red is such a personal color and no two reds are alike. Having fallen in love and used up the last of my Sephora VIB Rouge lipstick by Bite (rest in peace) I was on the lookout for that pop of fire engine goodness which I found just in time to write this post.

I have been a fan of Kat Von D’s make-up line owning several of her studded kiss lipsticks in bright flashy colors like orange and magenta for several years now. Her lipsticks are long lasting and have easy applications, as well as paint vibrant colors on the lips. It was a natural marriage to go to her for that perfect fire engine shade and I found it with Underage Red. You can NOT make up (pun intended) cosmetic names and with a name like that it definitely draws attention to the lips.


Do you wear lipstick? What is your staple color? How do you feel about red? What are your favorite brands? 

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5 thoughts on “National Lipstick Day

  1. I totally agree with so many points on this post….
    1. way too many “national” days to keep up with but lipstick and donut day are two that I FOR SURE celebrate 😉
    2. I’m the samee exact way, come the summer I’m basically a make up free face but you will always see me rocking some kind of lippie. I’m mean its summer, its all you really need!!!
    Lastly, 3. The red is amazing on you <3 I swear I love red on blondes for some reason, they just wear it best!
    Oh also real last one Kat Von D, that girl can make lip gloss!!! The formula is awesome and it stays on so well. Totally vouch on that!
    My staple color is definitely a nude and I've been kind of going back and forth but I love NYX lip suede and lip lingerie but I also found a new love for Ulta's lip crayons, they stay on ALL DAY LONG!

    xo, JJ

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