National (Red) Lipstick Day 2020

“I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.” ~ Rose McGowan

Crazy Insane Week

I am a little late in getting this post up, and by a little, I mean almost a week. Oy vey! I sound like a broken record, but 2020 literally keeps throwing all the punches. I feel like I am in an MMA fight for the championship (do they EVEN have championships?) and while I like to think I am holding my own, it hasn’t come without receiving quite a few punches.


Last week felt like the craziest yet. My Dad was back in the hospital. He is thankfully home now, recovering. Alleluia! While he was laid up, I once again pitched in to help my brother with the family business. And because it is ALWAYS how it goes (the universe has a sick sense of humor) we were insanely (I feel like I am using that word a LOT) busy. But we made it through! And while this week, we are getting a hurricane slash tropical storm  slash cyclone and I am receiving ALL the alerts on my phone, it so far, fingers crossed, and wood knocked on, is less crazy. Praise Jesus!


National Lipstick Day

I started writing this post almost two weeks ago, and while it is super late, I could not NOT post this. Better late then never right framily? As I have mentioned before, there are three National Days I celebrate, and somehow two of them fall in July (Yes, I know, we are now in August). National Ice Cream Day which was last two weeks ago, and National Lipstick Day, which is today was last week. Not going to lie some of these “Holidays” are silly, but that is the fun in them. I know not everyone wears lipstick, but even if you don’t, never come between a girl who does and her gloss.



Admittedly, I m HOPELESS when it comes to make-up. This might sound insane as a fashion blogger, but in my defense fashion blogging does not equate to beauty blogging. While the two are similar they are also very different. I can style a great outfit no problem. (if I do say so myself) Make-up on the other hand, like I said hopeless. Absolutely one hundred percent hopeless.


I have no idea what half the brushes do. Or the difference between a setting powder and setting spray and WHY on earth do you use both? I have slowly begun to comprehend the magic behind contouring and layering colors, but actually applying it? Why I could audition for the circus. Which isn’t a bad idea, because that was a childhood dream, but horribly digressing and getting back to how hopeless I am with make-up.


I literally have been using the same make-up for years. I have my routine and I do not waver, because I own that I am way out of my depth when I do. One of my best friends went to school for cosmetology and she has helped me make great strides in my make-up routine. I think I FINALLY have gotten eyebrows down. I always turn to her if I have questions, or if I am attempting to experiment, which is usually after I have had some wine. 28438A77-C626-4108-BD75-348AC0B58531

It is why in the age of the mask, the thought of having to attempt to learn how to do eye make-up is not only anxiety inducing, but instead of that glass of wine, makes me want the whole frickin bottle! That, and my contacts dry out and crack just thinking of wearing mascara every day.


Red Lipstick

It is why lipstick, and RED lipstick, at that, has become my staple. Yes I have had missteps where I resemble the joker as I attempt to apply it in the car, and get it ALL over my face when the driver hits a pothole. But aside from doing make-up in the car, (which is that EVER a good idea?) lipstick is pretty fool proof. Fool proof while still getting the best bang for your buck. You don’t have to be wearing an ounce of make-up, but throw on red lipstick on the fire engine shade and it is an instant game changer which is why it is MY staple color. 


Red lipstick is such a classic lip color. It also has a varied history, from being the epitome of chic to being a harlot. It can be a daunting color to rock, but it can also be confidence building. It is how YOU look at it, and no one else. It is (mostly) the only color I wear and anything else just confuses people and makes them ask if I am feeling alright. (true story) Whether I am having a glamorous night out, or going hike, red is the shade I am rocking, and if I am not, then yes, I just might be sick.


Despite the pandemic going on, and masks having become as much of a fashion accessory as a great bag, I am STILL rocking my red lipstick. Yes, no one can see it. Yes, it gets smeared all over the inside of my mask. But I don’t care. As much as people recognize me by it, I wear it more for myself then anyone else. A great lip makes me feel confidant, bold, and yes, sexy. Which is why I celebrate National (Red) Lipstick Day!


Do you wear lipstick? Was is your favorite shade? 

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6 thoughts on “National (Red) Lipstick Day 2020

  1. GIRL! When I think of you, I think of a bright red lippie; it just compliments you and your skintone so well! And I love these lipsticks from Tarte, my go-to shade is Salt Lyfe! Swoon!

  2. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. I’d never even heard of setting spray or power until reading this post. 🙈 I can’t even handle lipstick, it makes me feel like a clown. 🤡

  3. I believe every woman should have a red lipstick that is perfect for them! Finding the right red can be tricky but it’s certainly possible. I don’t wear red often but I love bright pinks 💗

    Sorry to hear you dad has been unwell, wishing him a speedy recovery!

  4. Kate I just want to give you a big hug! It sounds like this year has been throwing some big ones at you, but you’re handling it all with such grace … and still serving us absolute LOOKS 😉 I don’t know if you’ve read the hating game by sally thorne (if not, GO GO GO!) but your iconic read lip reminds me of the main character! I definitely think you’re the kind of vibrant, bold woman that suits a lip colour to match! xx

    (also – feel free to say no if you’re too busy – i’m running a collab month in september, would you like to take part? 😉 xx)

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