National (Red) Lipstick Day 2023

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” ~ Coco Chanel

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National Lipstick Day

Happy National (Red) Lipstick Day friends! I know, I know, there are SO many “Days” we celebrate especially now because of social media. And while now, every day seems to be something, aside from National Coffee Day and National Ice Cream Day, I don’t really pay attention or even observe all of them, because I don’t want my socials spamming you guys. They are definitely fun, and if you need a topic or are have a creative block, a great way to inspire. All of this to say, there is one I celebrate every year, and if I am honest on the daily. And that is National (red) Lipstick Day which shockingly might be my favorite jam. There is nothing better then a glossed up pout. Except maybe a RED pout.

My favorite Red

Total honesty, I own a LOT of lipstick. In all kinds of shades, from orange, to fuschia, to of course ALL the reds. Purple reds, Orangey reds, even bluey reds. I don’t typically wear a lot of make-up. Not just during the day, but even when I go out at night or for a fancy occasion. I am not one to spend hours on my make-up, especially on eye make-up thanks to contacts. But the one thing you will never catch me with out is lipstick. And red lipstick at that!

When all else fails, swiping some color on my lips instantly pulls my look and makes me look put together. I can be in my gym clothes, or at the beach and I will still be rocking lipstick. I also make sure my pout is exfoliated and hydrated and Laneige has the best sleep lip masque to ensure that. But in my opinion the absolute BEST lip color is made by Dior. And there is one red that reigns supreme. My absolute tried and true is Dior 080 red Satin Smile Rouge. It is my forever beau and is the perfect shade of red. It is not to purpley or orangey, and it lasts forever! Truly! While, I do re-apply after I eat, I really don’t need too. It is my armor when I need that extra strength or have to do battle in life. And it just might compete with coffee for being my tried and true. There is nothing better! SO friends, pucker up and rock that lip color!

Do you wear lipstick? What is your favorite brand?

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