Nautical Christmas: 2022 Nautical Christmas Ornaments

“The Earth reminded us of a Christmas tree ornament hanging in the blackness of space. As we got farther and farther away it diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine.” ~ James Irwin

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Annual Ornaments

It has become a tradition that every year I will buy an ornament, and usually several, to commemorate the year. I also usually receive ornaments in my stocking. It began as a way to keep my sister’s tradition alive, o buying skating ornaments, but over the years (in part because I feel like I have bought ALL the skating ornaments) it expanded into my love for all things nautical and I began to buy and receive nautical ornaments. In fact my tree topper is a nautical mermaid angel goddess, which I love.

Originally I kept the tradition of getting a skate or skater with the date, but last year I had a hard time finding a skate that I could get the year etched into it, so I decided to do a painted sand dollar with it instead. I loved it so much that I decided to continue with that tradition, and even went back to the same company which I bought through Etsy.

Sailor and Mermaids

Sailor and Mermaids even has an amazing name! She is so incredibly talented, as well as super nice, which us always a win in my book. She does everything from decoupage, to painting by hand on sand dollars, to working with sand and shells on them. She is a small business and is also woman owned (by her) and run, which I love. She is also incredibly generous to her customers and is always super willing to work with me which makes me want to keep shopping with her!

The Ornaments

Last year I got a water colored sand dollar with a beach motif and date on it. This year I decided to go more simplistic. There was a palm tree with ornaments and presents painted on it that I absolutely loved. It was nautical, yet also had a southern feel to it, and I loved the bright colors on it. To continue my newish tradition, I  had her write the date.

I didn’t stop there! As I was looking at her art, I couldn’t help but be drawn to a Santa ornament that she had designed. It even had a pom-pom at the end for the hat. I couldn’t resist it and HAD to get it. It is so fun and festive, and makes another great addition to my tree. I was so excited to hang them on it!

I might just have to make sand dollar ornaments another tradition! In fact I usually get nautical ornaments whenever I travel (usually to a Nautical place) and this past year, I got a sand dollar ornament (a different artist) when I was in the Outer banks that I love. Sand Dollar ornaments are much more fun then the traditional glass balls!

Do you buy ornaments every year? 

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