Never Truly Say Good-Bye

Saying good-bye is never easy. In fact it friggin sucks.

I have so many amazing friends. And so many of them have been unbelievably amazing and supportive to me. To leave them is hard, but I also know that if I didn’t do this, it wouldn’t be fair to them or to myself. Life is to short and to not do what I love isn’t really living at all.

Besides if I stayed here, I know that I would slowly drown into a slow oblivion. Don’t get me wrong, I love this town and I have great pride in it. But let’s be honest, I am not a country girl content on driving, (I have legs I want to friggin use them!) nor do I enjoy having to go home at 8 cause the local Starbucks closes then (some of us need coffee 24/7!). And lets face it, there is so much more then getting shit faced at bars, no matter how much fun it is to do. Not to mention as a fashionista, I want to be able to wear a dress without everyone asking me where I am going, because I am sooooo dressed up.

I am in no way trying to minimize small town life, I love knowing every one and every one knowing me (Though sometimes being anonymous would be nice), I love the friendliness, the hiking, being able to leave my bags wherever and of course the incredible beauty of the countryside.
But for me there is so much more then all of that. I want to be able to see the world, and what better place then New York City? After all it is a huge melting pot, where not only my great great grandparents immigrated too, but thousands of others. It is where dreams are both made and crushed, and through all of that, you discover exactly who and what you are. Regardless of what happens in the vast concrete jungle, I know that I will have learned something more about my strengths and who I am as a person.

And as much as it sucks leaving my family and friends, I know sometimes you have to fly away, to become who you truly are to make it back and be the kind of person you were meant to be.

I know regardless of what happens, whether I decide to stay roarin’ in the Concrete Jungle, or settle back in the nest, it will never be goodbye. Cause goodbyes are something that are permanent, which are forever gone. And I am not gone, not permanently. I am just soaring through the world, and I welcome all my friends and family to join me.
Namaste peeps.

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