Oh Hermine Don’t Rain On Our Labor Day Parade

“New Orleans lives by the water and fights it, a sand castle set on a sponge nine feet below sea level, where people made music from heartache, named their drinks for hurricanes and joked that one day you’d be able to tour the city by gondola.” ~ Nancy Gibbs

Labor Day Weekend is upon us peeps, which also happens to translate to one last hoorah of summer schmoozing out on the shores. Of course, a storm decides to come in and be a party pooper and ruin all of our holiday shenanigans.

Of course as New Yorkers, NO ONE can ruin our fun. Least of all some little tropical storm.

I have been through a couple hurricanes, including Superstorm Sandy, as well as numerous snow storms which shut the city down. While Sandy wasn’t as sweet as Olivia Newton John portrayed her in Grease, and she absolutely devastated the tristate area, we survived.

Further more: We. Were. Prepared.

Oh, definitely not in the way that the Boy Scouts meant. Oh. No. Who needs matches, and water, and canned food?

Not New Yorkers.

Nope we laughed at all of that. We prepared with the utmost bare essentials.

Bottles of wine. DVD’s from Netflix just in case the cable box went out. Couches set up for drunken sleep overs. Making sure our local watering holes were going to be open 24/7 (and like any great New York establishment they were, because umm what storm?) And of course our Seamless picks ready to go, because why not let some other poor schmuck ride his bicycle in the pouring rain and gusty winds?

In other words, it was a Hurricane Party. Though we preferred our wine and Titos to an actual hurricane, because well that drink really is disgusting.

So as we prepare for Hermine who has tried to rain out our Labor Day plans. Which let us be honest, I would be a real bitch of a storm too with a name like that. Do newscasters not remember poor Hermione in Harry Potter? I just hope no one tries to shorten it to Hermy. We cry hell to the no and raise our glasses and prepare for one hell of a Labor Day weekend. It may not be on the beaches as originally planned, but it will still be a summer smash out to remember.

And I am pretty sure all the wine stores will be ecstatic.

And yes, sold out.

Now satirical musings aside, (though seriously New Yorkers DO empty the wine stores out faster then the food stores. P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.E.S.) I do urge all my friends from the Florida Panhandle on up to New England to please stay safe, listen to officials (though if I have to hear one more New York mayor butcher Spanish, I might turn tone deaf.) Help each other out and of course do not let Hermine be a party pooper. Storms can be devastating, but at the same time they bring the best out in all of us if we let it. Stay safe and dry my loves! <3

How do you prepare for a storm? Frivolously or seriously?

To help with recovery efforts: The Red Cross

And to continually track the storm:  Weather.com

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2 thoughts on “Oh Hermine Don’t Rain On Our Labor Day Parade

    1. That is great news! I am glad you guys are all right! No rain so far, but it has stalled off of Long Island, thus huge concerns for flooding, and rip tides, they closed all the beaches. And the winds have been atrocious! Definitely channeling my inner Bee. ;p <3

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