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Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You’re not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful, but you understand the world around you better, and you’re at peace with yourself. Learning life’s lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I have joked for weeks about being 21 again. But guys I am kinda excited for 27, not going to lie. Why? I have no idea. I don’t feel different. Yet the place I am in is completely different from the place I was six years ago. And for the better!

When I look at my Facebook Time-Hop I want to cringe at how annoying I was. Yes, even at 21! Of course, I am sure give it a couple years I will think I am annoying NOW ( I probably am. I own it.)

While twenty-one might be the golden age into adulthood (at least here in the states) that last pivotal milestone of becoming an adult, I’ll be completely honest, I was a flipping disaster. Mentally, physically, emotionally, pretty much in every single way, I was completely disconnected from myself! And while yes I had extenuating circumstances (death and grief always have a way of screwing up a person) Turning twenty-seven yesterday, I felt much more in control and connected to myself.

I am much more self assured and know what I want out of life then I was six years ago. I never in a million years thought I would come to a place where I actually accept my body. I have a career I not only enjoy (most days) but am finally FINALLY putting my stamp on it. I know what I want out of relationships, friendship and romantic. Of which the latter no longer scares me. In fact, I keep joking I will be married by the time I am thirty. And peeps that may not be completely a joke! According to my mom I may have found my merman. And she just might be right!


In my early twenties I thought I knew eveything. Let’s face it, I didn’t and I still don’t. AND guess what? That is A okay. I constantly felt like I had to proof that I did even when I didn’t, for fear of people looking down on me. As I have gotten older, I realize that respect isn’t given being a constant know it all, but in admitting when I don’t know something. And I am fine with that. Being a know it all really isn’t all THAT fun.

While I have been joking that I am 21 for the sixth year in a row, I have also joked at how close I am to thirty. And okay, it IS true (oh no!) but thirty really doesn’t bother me or freak me out like it does some. I am ACTUALLY EXCITED for thirty. Yup I said it!

If you are a thirty year old woman in the city think flipping Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones. There is a certain power, that as woman in your twenties especially early twenties you do not have. Thirty is having your shit together, being established, and having a career. It is knowing you have had many MANY screw-ups and what the frack was I thinking moments and yet you came through all of them. Somehow….I think mostly due to the margarita survival nectar for that one and for causing them in the first place.

While my Twenty-seventh year is still in its infancy. (A whole 24 hours yay!) I can not complain. The day itself brought me so much love…and maybe some tears. Thank God for water proof mascara AND also I hate but love all of my stunningly sappy friends. You gave me ALL the feels! It was the perfect way to rock a new year that is full of some new beginnings but more importantly a continuation of my story and journey which is always changing and always evolving. I am so blessed for all the amazing people in my life! THANK YOU!

Much love to you all! <3

What age are you most excited for or couldn’t wait to turn?


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7 thoughts on “Older And The City

  1. I’m so sorry for not wishing you earlier, but I usually catch up on all the blog posts during the weekend. Belated happy birthday, love! ❤ Always keep smiling and spreading your positivity! 😄

  2. 27 is a really good year (from my personal experience) and I suspect it will be for you too <3 I'm sad to be parting ways with it in a few short months but all this positivism from your post is getting me hyped for my next year!!! I can totally agree, even though 21 may seem like "adult" it's totally not. I was still unknowingly naive as all heck, which is why I grew to love the quote, "I wish I knew then what I know now" because its SO true, with age you just become that much more knowledgeable, experienced, and empowered. It's a beautiful feeling!!! Go make 27 memorable!!!

    xo, JJ

  3. I LOOOOVE this post. It’s actually super great for me to read because I have heard that there is a new found confidence that most women possess in their late 20s. I think I’m at the beginning of that transition- I feel like I was the SAME way you described when I turned 21 too, and just a couple years really makes a huge difference. I totally relate.

    WAIT- MERMAN?! Why have I not heard about said Merman?!

    Thank you for sharing with us this BEAUTIFUL place you are in. I love that you are surrounded by such amazing people and felt such love on your birthday. You deserve absolutely nothing less.

    Cheers to a perfect birthday to you, love! 27 looks stunning on you!

    1. Once again your comment gives me all the feels!
      It really is true. It is crazy how much confident I am now then I was even a few years ago. Just a few years really does make all the difference! Life is a constant journey and our own personal growth especially in our twenties is ever evolving and changing.
      Bwahahaha, he has gotten an honorable mention once or twice, 😉 but yes their is a Merman or as my Madre calls him Doctor Merman 😀 The wedding bell feels are real now! Lol.
      Awe thank you so much sweets. You are always so positive and supportive and I not only appreciate it but am so grateful for it! I am so blessed to have you in my life! <3 YOU are the absolute best! <3 <3 <3

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