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Oscar Nominations in Fashion

Oscar Nominations in Fashion

Awards season has culminated tonight at the Oscars. Every road has led to this. And no, I am not talking about the blood sweat of the nominations, but the clawing of nails to get the best dressed of the red carpet.

All season their have been risk takers. Then their were those who bore use to sleep. Creative masterpieces and the classic silhouettes. And of course the trends!

One of my favorite trends (and done so well by the beautiful and glowing Chrissy Teigen at the Grammys) has been the cape.


Now I would just like to state for the record, I liked this trend before it was cool. Back when Mathew Mcconaughey’s wife wore it at the 2014 Oscars. I think I drooled.

In fact last summer, I was all over this Mural cape blazer. I salivated and of course bought from Nordstrom (they now have it in white and yes I NEED) I hope it is around for a long time, and even if it isn’t I am still wearing mine!

While we have seen the continued trends of cut outs, slits, white, blues, and sequined, we also saw much more black then we have all season. And very little red, though Charlize Theron was a knock out as the only one I saw in it. The jewel tones were out with the force of snowstorm Jonas. If they had actually been real jewels, the Oscars wouldhave actually made money.

Some of my unfiltered thoughts:

Olivia Munn’s Stella McCartney one shoulder orange gown was a risky color for the red carpet. While she worked it, her ForEverMark cuff bracelet stole the show. As she told Ryan Seacrest “I think it is glued to my wrist.” Oh to be an actress.


Brie Larsen has been on Fleek, as the young ones say, all season and she looked stunning in her Gucci cerulean blue gown. The classic silhouette had a pop of bling at the waist with a belt cinching at the waist with elegant ruffles cascading down the skirted train. It was just the right edge of elegance and modern without being flashy. Even if she doesn’t win Best actress she has won best dressed in my book.


While Heidi Klum looks like a walking florist shop, I have to ask what she uses on her skin, because she is truly ageless and that gives her a hall pass for any fashion disaster she has.

Jennifer Garner wore a truly timeless yet dramatic black gown by Rene Caovilla. Ben Affleck what were you thinking?

If I ever get married Priyanka Chopra’s dress would be a dream wedding dress. Romantic, edgy, sexy, perfection!


I love Kerry Washington, but dang, she looked like a dominatrix!

I know Emma Watson is suppose to play Belle, but if she can’t, Alicia Vikander would be a classy replacement. Her Louis Vuitton taffeta gown is what the Oscars is about.

What are your thoughts? Best dressed? Fashion disasters? Favorite trends?

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