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THE Idea

A question asked by many. What is your process? Writing process that is. Many times I have no idea how to answer this question. You would think as a type A personality (most of the time) I would be organized in my writing, starting with outlines, notes, washboards, etc. This makes me laugh. Because it couldn’t be farther from the ….

Ankhor You

I am a self confessed beach addict, coffee junkie, and fashionista. But I own it all and refuse to receive treatment for any of it. I have had many blogs on a variety of forums, including LiveJournal -remember Livejournal? No? Alright I’ll stop dating myself- WordPress has been one of them, though it hasn’t gotten the love it deserves (sorry WordPress) ….

I see Nothing

Writing has always been my real therapy. (my apologies to my therapist…if it is any consolation you are on speed dial) Even when I knew my actions were dangerous, that I was hurting myself, I still had no control. Because it was the only thing keeping me sane. It was a glass of wine and Xanax combined keeping me calm ….