Live In The Nautical

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The Mermaid’s Song

I stand on a cliff at the edge of the world. The sea salty wind whips my hair, Bringing the tastes of the earth to my lips. As I try to hold on to grains of sand Slipping between my fingers, grasping, struggling to hold on. To memories, to life. I don’t know. Only the sea does. Dolphins jump and ….

Just Do It

The hardest part of yoga, is getting on your mat. Almost every teacher I have come into contact with, as well as practitioner say that, myself included. It isn’t the level two three classes or the heated hundred degree room. It isn’t even remembering to breathe (though that is a close second) it is getting there. You might think really? ….

Maine Made

I love unique, locally made things. The stories behind the product. The passion and yes, even the blood sweat and tears the maker had to endure to get their goods out into the world inspires me. Like with anything artistic, whether it be a writer, a jeweler, or a bag designer, their are hundreds and thousands of nos, amongst that ….

Anthro’s Anonymous

You have probably noticed that I have a huge problem. A gigantic problem. Time to intervene problem. This is bigger then being a coffee or martini junkie. I am an Anthro Addict. What is an Anthro Addict you might ask? Well Anthro is what Anthropologie calls their rewards members. And what groupies call Anthropologie for short. Example A “Hey Kristine ….