Paramour: A Broadway Show

When I heard that Cirque Du Soleil was coming to Broadway I fangirled hard. The Circus has been my dream since I was a young child. My parents would take me to see Circus Smirkus when they came with their big top to North Conway during the summers. Years later, one of my first shows in New York was seeing Cirque Du Soleil at Radio City. I have since had the amazing opportunity to see them two other times at Barclays and Citi Field.

Each time I would go home and dream of acrobats and aerialists vowing I would learn some of those tricks, even if it was just aerialist yoga. After all you are never to old attempt something new, or fulfill your circus dreams.

Its’ home is the exquisite Lyric theatre, which is probably the most stunning theatre I have ever been in and truly fitting with the roaring twenties theme that Paramour is set against.


Paramour is unique in the fact that it is a show exclusively designed for Broadway. Intertwining Circus fun with a story, singing and acting. It also had the added unconventional use of cameras filming during the show. Capturing the cast in beautiful as well as distorted ways, which would then project onto the backdrops of the stage. It added not just another dimension to show, but enhanced the story and feelings that was being acted.

One of the very first thoughts I had as the first scene in act one unfolded was how flipping talented these people were. Hollywood talks about the triple threat this is the ninth world wonder of talent. Not just with singing, acting and dancing, but contorting, flying, and tumbling.


I was truly in awe.

Paramour takes place during the era of old Hollywood glam telling the story of a director trying to find his muse and a love triangle unfolding as a result. How far would you go for love? Not just of people, but for you passion? What would you give up? And what would you fight for?

Amongst the story-telling, and incredible soul piercing singing, the show was immersed with awe inspiring aerialists, tumbling, and contortionists, adding a whole other dimension. It wasn’t words, or songs, but bodies, chemistry and unison between the performers that let the audience feel, gasp and be astonished that truly made you feel the emotion.

Paramour was an incredible way to spend an evening and now I am off to dream of a life in the circus.




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