Pros and Cons of Wearing a Jumpsuit.

I admit I fought the jumpsuit trend hardcore when it first appeared three years ago.

“Completely retro.”

“My mother’s era”

“Bell bottoms and clunky shoes”


These thoughts that ran through my head every time I walked past a store and saw one in the window.

I am not a fan of seventies fashion. Gasps the horror I know. But then, that is why fashion is fashion. Why it changes. Why there are so many different designers. Fashion is subjective. Different shirts for different strokes.

Living in New York, I am privy to the cutting edge of style, only second to Paris. As I saw the jumpsuit trend begin, I positively, staunchly refused. Then prayed to the fashion gods to please let it be over with quickly.

Because honesty is the best policy I admit, I felt this trend would not look good on me. I am a curvy, but petite girl. I have a Kim K booty, but lack her height. I couldn’t fathom attempting to wear a jumpsuit.

I held out for a year. And then it happened. I was in White House Black Market shopping with my mom trying on clothes. The saleswoman told me I had to try this jumpsuit on. I rolled my eyes, thought to myself it will look horrible, but I’ll do it anyway.

I put it on.

And the world stopped turning

For about a second.

My mom and the saleswoman were great boosts for my self esteem. They told me I looked amazing in it. It was made for me. Which was kind of true. The amount of hemming needed on the legs was maybe an inch, which on this legal (Thanks New Hampshire and New York) midget is nothing short of a miracle.

So I bought it. And I did fall in love with it. It takes me back to a different era, though for me it isn’t the seventies as much as the twenties with the blouson fabric and tapered leg. It is incredibly easy to style with. I have since gotten a couple others, because yes, I am a jumpsuit convert.

All this said, while I might be sold on the jumpsuit. There are a couple issues I have with the fashion style known as a jumpsuit.

First and foremost, going to the ladies room. Seriously couldn’t they have invoked the crotch snaps that are on baby clothes? It is incredibly awkward when you are going to the restroom and have to take a minute to undress. Especially if it is during a date. try explaining “No darling, I did not spend ten minutes doing number two, but I was actually undressing, so I could go number one.” Oh yes that goes over REAL well on a date.

I will concede it does make it fairly easy for said date to take it off. Why is it easy for someone else to put on or take off, but not myself? This leg goes in this hole, this arm goes in that one. Where does this hole go? It is the dressing dance that even rivals that of the skinny jeans. And if you get it wrong, well it goes very, VERY wrong.

Most are not made for short people. I am the queen of hemming, but I would love to meet a jumpsuit that was designed for the height challenged woman.

Despite it feeling like a chastity belt, as any fashionista knows, versatility and comfort are everything. Having a style that easily goes from day to night is a must and the jumpsuit fits that criteria perfectly. It is one trend I am happy to say I was wrong about.

What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit?


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4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Wearing a Jumpsuit.

  1. Omg! I have been wanting to buy a jumpsuit for ages! But like you said most are not flattering on anyone besides the skinny, leggy women who model them. The ones I’ve tried mostly don’t fit right, the arm holes are too big, the waist doesn’t sit right , the cut or print emphasizes the butt unflatteringly and not to mention the bathroom issue which if you have small bladder just adds to the misery 😂 I guess I’ll have to keep on looking 😇

    1. White House Black Market makes amazing jumpsuits. They were the ones who taught me to love them. lol. Petites also are my best friend. They do make jumpsuits in petites you just have to look. Good luck on the Jumpsuit hunt!:)) <3

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