Puppy Love

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~ Bernard Williams

Their is nothing cuter then the sweet innocents of a puppy (or two). The other night, I got the chance to meet the newest members of my cousin’s family her two adorable five month old miniature Australian shepherd puppies.


They were balls of absolute divine cuteness, giving kisses and hugs seeking all the love and attention they could. They were a little shy, especially the smaller one, but that is because they had only been in their forever home for only a night. Before that they had been in a shelter due to overbreeding. So it was understandable they were skittish especially of the crazy blonde woman who had to pay them a visit so she could ooo and ahh.

I have dreamed and salivated over dogs for years doting on my sibling’s and friend’s puppies like they were my own. I even had a stint as a dog walker when I first moved to the city (and yes I do have many stories about that!) I would love to get one, but with my lifestyle it really wouldn’t be fair to the poor pooches.


That still hasn’t stopped me from searching the ASPCA and sites such as Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet. Nor has it stopped me from taking quizzes to find my forever type of dog. One website, Dogtime, will even then pair you with dogs who are in need of a new home.

I have had to restrain myself numerous times and remind myself I do NOT want to get into a situation like Johnny Depp and Amber Herd and put my puppy pains ahead of the welfare and I certainly do not want to break any international laws. I am no James Bond!

While I might be looking for my forever pup, I will never shop, but definitely adopt. There are so many dogs out there looking for their forever home, including puppies. While I might gush over what is essentially a designer mutt, like the Angel dog, (they look like teddy bears!) you can find almost any breed and then some, at shelters not just in the States but around the world looking for some cuddles and some lovin’.

Their really is nothing better then a wet nose nestling your cheek and loving eyes gazing adoringly.


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