Quarantine Glam

“Whether I’m in a ball gown or a pair of jeans, it’s not about me or what I’m wearing; it’s about what I can be doing to support and empower others going forward.” ~ Louise Linton

WFH Fashion 

There is a meme going around that said writers have prepared for social distancing and self isolation for years. As memes go, it isn’t to far off the mark. I have been doing the majority of my work off of my laptop and good WiFi for years, and the Work From Home Life (or Work From a Coffee Shop WFCS) played an even MORE crucial part when I came back to New Hampshire last year, and unexpectedly stayed way longer then I had planned and with all the craziness going on, I don’t know when I will be able to head yonder, though let me tell you, I am feeling that wanderlust something fierce!


Honestly, I never actively sought NOT to be around people. With my work, it is just the nature of the business. In fact I get asked all the time if I work in my PJ’s or from my bed. No to both questions. Working from home requires a lot of diligence and routine. I always get up and make my bed in the morning. And even though in New York it doubled as a couch that I would sit on, I still made my bed each and every morning, even when I would then have to burrow under the covers because it was so dang cold. I know I have said it before, but making your bed, makes for a productive bed, and I hold on to that belief firmly. 31D4ADB5-21ED-473A-B8CE-86F4A03BB9D1

Not only do I make my bed, but I always get dressed. Just because you are working from home does not mean you should lounge around in your PJ’s yoga wear, since I don’t own PJ’s. (fun fact) I actually know a couple WFH employees who will put on suits. Yes, SUITS, to work from home. Work attire isn’t just for those who love clothes, but a way to get your brain in work mode. There is a method to the madness, I swear, and I aways, ALWAYS get dressed. It does help that I frequent coffee shops, so street clothes are kinda needed.


Social Distancing 

Admittedly, I do a lot of my work in coffee shops. After all, I always joke that they are my home away from home. It is important to be caffeinated, and what better place then a coffee house, and I was grateful New York had an abundance of them to pick from. I am not sure if a coffee house truly counts as being anti-social, after all I would chat with my baristas, I would occasionally ask a fellow WFCS cohort for the WiFi password, and if I was really daring (or maybe bored and procrastinating) I would strike up a conversation with someone. But it was STILL much more conducive to working then from my apartment where I would be distracted by all that needed to get done.


Unfortunately, because of the virus, everything is shut down, including the coffee shops and it is back home I go to try to focus on work instead of piles of laundry. Not sure if it follows social distancing guide lines, but I do have three assistants, who are more concerned with their Lego building then helping their auntie boss with editing. It also means I have to be a little more business casual then fashionable, since my “coffee” breaks are usually spent being tackled, running around in the mud, and having food or art supplies spilled on me, and I don’t want that pile of laundry to come after me.


That said, you don’t always have to be practical when getting dressed. In fact I get asked all the time if I am going somewhere in my hometown for the simple fact I am wearing heels. I love fashion and it is, and always will be a way to express myself. My friends joke they know something is wrong when I am wearing yoga clothes. Just because we are quarantining and social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up. If anything it gives you even more of an opportunity! No one is going to judge you for a gazillion outfit changes and you can even feel like royalty!


Quarantine Glam 

When I lived in New York, my friends and I would do Fancy Friday. We would dress up in our Oscar worthy best, and sometimes we would go out, and yes perhaps look out of place, but we didn’t care. We were having fun. Other times we would stay in at one of our apartments, catching up, sipping some fancy cocktail and pretending to be bougie, yet totally relaxed and having fun in ways you can’t really be at a real black tie event. It was utterly ridiculous, but also insanely fun, and some of my favorite memories of my time in the city.989B9664-D68E-4769-A3E1-CADF1C080C68

In anticipation for them shutting the state down and knowing I probably wouldn’t see a beach for quite some time, as well as needing to shoot a ton of content, I escaped to Maine for the day. Don’t worry, I observed all Social Distancing rules, in fact I didn’t see a single soul, probably because it was so cold. I also didn’t have a single drop of coffee, though I had them as props because I was NOT going to stop and use a restroom. But anyway I digress. Amongst, all the rompers, sundresses, and accessories, (did I mention it was thirty degrees out?) I had several gowns I was shooting. Changing in your car is not for the faint of heart, and my parent’s car even has a higher roof, so when I shot the last outfit which happened to be the gown, I decided I would just drive the hour and fifteen back in it. 83DFE212-1791-4936-A2B0-F2BE615F34C5

I am SO happy I did. When I got home, I decided to do my own Fancy Friday, albite a couple days early, because why the heck not? This dress from Lulus is insanely comfortable and makes me feel ultra glamorous which is always a good thing. I had nothing else to do and currently no where to wear it too so why not rock it while sipping on some coffee, doing some work, and yes even taking pictures. Now is the time to think outside the box. To do AND wear what YOU want to do and wear. The only one who is judging you, is yourself, so dust off that tux, iron (or not, sorry Mom) that gown and have your own quarantine glam party for one. Who knows, maybe when this is all over you just might want to have your own Fancy Friday with friends.


Have you been getting dressed for work or putting on “Street Clothes” or are you just hanging out in your PJ’s? 



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7 thoughts on “Quarantine Glam

  1. I do get the dressing up for work mentality even if you’re at home. It definitely helps with your mindset. I haven’t heard about Fancy Fridays but that sounds like such a great idea! Even now with us all stuck at home, dressing up will definitely put you in a better mood 🙂

  2. Omg you look glorious! Favourite photos of you everrrrrr, you look like Royalty! So breathtaking! & it’s so true about getting dressed to work from home, if I have plans to blog or write etc, I need to shower and dress first!!! Fancy Fridays sounds amazing also, can we do one one day please!? Hehe <3

    I'm still trying to dress up a little, and choose outfits each evening before bed for the following day. Fashion is my favourite! Thank you for sharing Wonder Woman, hope you're staying safe xxx

  3. i love the idea of fancy fridays!! you look gorgeous 😍 i’ve worked a lot from home too & keeping a schedule of sorts is huge for sure!! i feel like anything that makes you feel prepared to take on the day is a good thing 💛

  4. You look stunning!!!! I agree that changing clothes sets the mood for the day. I’m more productive when I change out of my pj’s lol.
    I also love the idea of dressing up to go nowhere. I need to do that for my daily routine and really see how things go for me lol.

  5. How fun that you went around, changing outfits in your car!! This dress is so glamorous, you look extra fancy!! & the seat/picture frames are the perfect setting. ♡

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