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Quiescent Mornings at Sunrise

Quiescent Mornings at Sunrise

One of the things I love the most about the city, is the quiet mornings. In the city that never sleeps (allegedly) The dawning hours of the sun, are the most serene. The hustle and bustle and the craziness of the streets fall silent. It is a time I savor the most. Where I will wake up and go for my run, pay my caffeine dealer a visit, and just luxuriate in the quiescence of my city.

While the East River isn’t to shabby to look at in the mornings. It is the ocean that looks like a daytime version of Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night.┬áThe sun is a vibrant color of rays, painting the sky and the mind. Letting it be at peace in meditation. Where the ocean and heavens meet in the middle of the horizon. It is true peace. True ease.

So this morning I ventured out with my friend, to catch a sunrise at the beach. Equipped with cameras and caffeine, we were prepared. It was a tad chilly, (and by a tad I mean below freezing…brrrr) but the view, was perfection, if perfection could exists.

I was one content mermaid, soaking in the lull of the ocean until next time.


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