Raise Your Glass to National Lipstick Day!


“I always have to have my lipstick. Sometimes I have more than one shade: start with one color for the morning, one for night. Sometimes I have a couple shades just in case I need something more powerful for the day.” ~ L’Wren Scott

Thanks to social media it seems the world celebrates daily ostentatious and outrageous objects. While I tend to ignore most of them. As a fashionista I could NOT. Absolutely positively NOT ignore this one. National Lipstick Day. Can we all just pause a moment to pucker up in celebration for this very important day?

I am and always have been a lip girl. I may not do my eye makeup for days on end, but you can bet a million bucks that my lips will be glossed to perfection. When it is a hundred degrees out (like it has been here in the concrete jungle) I refuse to do my make-up with the exception of my lips. While I adore red, and it will always be a defining characteristic of who I am, I love experimenting with other colors. Channeling my inner pumpkin to cotton candy to au naturale with shine.

While their are some colors (and trends) I will say no never again, like green, or smearing the color on the outside of your lip so you are channeling Heath Ledger’s the Joker rather then a classy fashionista. I will try any lip trend once before judging it. I honestly blame my sister. She was the gloss queen before me.

While red is my Marilyn moment and I could espouse its virtues from the high heavens their is another lip color that I hold close to my heart and even made a comeback at the Met Gala in May: The Berry Pout.


The beauty of Berry is the fact you can make it darker or brighter. More purplish or browner. This shade is as versatile and widespread as reds or pinks.

It also has a bit of bad ass factor involved. While I have attempted the black lip (and one of those hell no never again moments) the berry can be a classier version of that. It is seductive bright and bold without screaming ostentatious and crazy.

I also have a slight obsession with nude. It is that boyfriend you just can’t quit. while I love bold color. Nude lips has a subtleness that is classy yet understated. It also has a tendency to go with everything.

While my lip color tends to go with my outfits like matching a purse or shoes. It also reflects my mood. If I want to be sassy or demure, it is always fun to dress up the pout.

What colors do you love to put on your pout?

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