Rocking Around (and Decorating!) The Christmas Tree

“I put up my Christmas tree entirely too early. I’m one of those people.” ~ Rachel Boston

Oh Christmas Tree

I am kicking off A Nautical Christmas with what else? But arguably the star of the season, the Family Christmas Tree! Speaking of stars did anyone watch the Rockefeller Tree Lighting last night? It made me SO nostalgic. I use to walk and or run down to Rockefeller daily to see the tree during the holiday season. It was one of my favorite things to do when I lived there. There is something special about Christmas trees and not going to lie, we (okay I did) put up our tree in October in part because mama’s got to create that content! But also, my friend’s husband made an excellent point which was, “Why do all that work just for a couple weeks when you can have several months?” I absolutely concur! I want to appreciate my decorating efforts (which have come a long way) for longer then just 25 Days. Not to mention with the shortened days we need all the lights and sparkle that Christmas Trees give off. They make everything cozy especially after we turn the clocks back! I swear the Christmas tree is the only thing that keeps me working after three!

An Instagrammable Tree

Our Christmas tree isn’t instagrammable in the traditional sense. It isn’t meticulously decorated with every ribbon and bulb perfectly placed and the ornaments evenly space. It is messy and inelegant filled with ornaments that date back decades, long before I was born. It is a tree that tells a story of a family of generations. A smorgasbord of hand made ornaments that showcase art which hopefully improved over the years (that would be my sibs, my artistic abilities hit their stride at six) Their are Hallmark keepsakes and ornaments that forever memorialize those special moments.It is a tree filled with nostalgia and so much love and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t get me wrong, my Mom used to have what would be deemed an “Instagrammable Tree” that she put up in her bedroom. One we couldn’t help decorate and could only look at and not touch. I am not even sure if breathing was acceptable! But the days of a tree in every room has since been retired, and we just have the family tree, where Santa presents go as well as our presents to each other. Where we can sit next to it and drink boozy hot chocolate as we watch Christmas movies. In other words it is home, ad cozy, and represents family.

Decorating the Tree

As I mentioned I put up the tree early. Only a couple days after Hallmark began their Christmas movies. I donned some Christmas PJ’s, because you can’t decorate a tree if you aren’t decked out! Because it was still pretty early, I put on the Santa Clause (first viewing of the season, but not the last!) to kinda watch, but also as background, while I decorated and my Mom “over saw.” It was just us this year which was a little bit bittersweet especially as I may not be here to decorate it next year! Perhaps because I was feeling extra nostalgic, I did take extra care with ornament placement, as well as making sure my favorites were in the front. (sorry Dad, but all the Red Sox ornaments are on the BACK of the tree, honestly they were lucky they even made it on!) We had also put gold ribbon on, which is the only frill and elegance it really gets.

It was a fun afternoon celebrating some early Christmas Cheer. My Mom usually begins to put up her Christmas village in late September, early October (it takes awhile as she has close to two hundred buildings!) but it doesn’t really feel like the holidays until the Christmas tree goes up, and to go one step further, until there are presents underneath! Somehow wrapped presents under the tree add that finishing touch. What do you all think?

Have you decorated your tree? When do you typically put it up? 


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  1. I love that you put up your tree so early! I usually put mine up a couple weeks before Christmas and take it down before New Year’s so it’s not up long enough to gather dust (less housework is a gift to myself!).

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