Roommates of the Four Legged STDiseased Kind

I forget to mention, in all of my fabulous anatomy on speed excitement , I had a slight scare, which I am proud to say I handled. Actually I had two scares. And I handled them. Albeit grudgingly.

But I did it!

The first happened Friday night as I was trying to do my Anatomy homework, and out of the corner of my four eyed eyesight (okay it was an excuse to talk myself out of what I really saw…but I will get to that in a minute!) From under my bed, (which is low, has a single very thin mattress and no box spring, so unlike my bed at home, for which I might be being slightly sarcastic, I do not need a step stool to get up into) to the futon (which I admit I am slightly scared to open up!) I see a four legged animal with a long thin tail dart between. Did I freak out?

In the words of  the oh so intelligent Sarah Palin, You Betcha!

At first I freaked, as someone who had a mouse in my hair, not just my bed my flippin’ hair! In a much higher bed mind you! I was not assuming I was safe! And then since I was currently four eyed, I tried convincing myself that I was delusional and blind and plain seeing things.

None the less I didn’t go to bed until late.

And yes I might have contributed to global warming a little bit.

Because there was no way in hell, that I was turning my lights off.

Nor did I turn my TV off.

And I also had my radio on.

My  neighbors might hate me slightly now.

But there was no way that diseased creature! Was going to come back and attack me!

Not to mention how dare it invade my home!

Especially the weekend of Anatomy on Speed?

It seriously had some nerve!

But of course it got better.

Because you see, I talked myself out of it.

Until I came home Tuesday in the middle of the day, And what do I see scurrying from my door, as I open it?

That is right! My four-legged diseased frenemy!

So of course I freaked, as I realized no I wasn’t losing my head and imagining things. Oh no I truly had a diseased STD roommate.

Personally I would rather have been losing my head.

Thankfully I haven’t seen it since. (I did just have a neighbor move in with two dogs) But if I do I will go postal on it! That STD vermin does not want to mess with me!

And my second roommate though I am trying to be practical about it,

Was I saw a cockroach.

Alright it was dying……and they had just sprayed…And yes I am probably explaining this away ridiculously….but what else am I to do?

Two violations in one week? A girl can only take so much! So here is to sleeping peacefully and no more unwanted roommates! Seriously I don’t mind roommates in fact I welcome them! To spoon the better! Just please not anything with a diseasedSTD my delicate temperament won’t be able to take it!

Namaste peeps <3

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