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It started with a like and it was love at first Instagram pic. Sometimes fate has an interesting way of matching people up. In this instance a sea glass junkie consumer with a sea glass jewelry designer. A perfect fit!

I love jewelry. It is the one accessory, whether it be bracelets, necklaces earrings, rings, – anything that falls into that “Jewelry” category – that can make or break any outfit. Sea glass jewelry is one of those pieces, which combines my love of the pretty mermaid tears and fashion into one big love. I am a sucker for it.

This new obsession began a couple weeks ago, when a fellow sea glass mergirl, Catherine Milligan, liked one of my shoulda been a mermaid pics on Instagram. I saw her handle, and knew I had to take a peek at her pictures. Not only was her profile filled with ocean inspired pictures, but she had lots and lots sea glass. Come to find out, she created one of a kind pieces that vibes between bohemian, and mermaid chic. I admit, I am not a huge fan of tassels, but she made me want to buy one. I saw she had a shop on Etsy, and knew I not only had to check it out, but had to own some of her truly exquisite and one of a kind designs.

Firstly, she was great about communicating, and her shipping was first rate. I ordered a necklace and a bracelet on a Saturday and she sent me an email soon after saying she would ship it Monday. Fast and prompt you can not beat that!

Secondly, I hated to open the envelope. It was one of the cutest packages I had seen. With the aqua blue packing envelope, she had personalized it with her mermaid style. She knows how to package her products and gives as much thought and creativity to, as she does her necklaces and bracelets.


Thirdly, when I did carefully open the envelope making sure I didn’t cut the ocean mail hashtag, I might have fan-girled a bit. Beautifully decorated boxes, with a detailed account of what sea glass is and the rarity of the colors. She had wrapped them in twine, with a cute seashell as decoration. It makes the perfect gift. Even though I had bought it for me, I felt like it was my birthday opening a present, except I didn’t want to ruin the packaging.


I didn’t think the packaging could be any cuter or more personal, yet, it did, when she included a handwritten note, personalized to me.


And yes this is all just the packaging and mailing portion that had me all excited.

The actual necklace and bracelet are so well handcrafted. Usually bracelets with charms will slip and come loose, she has them attached just so, I think my nephew could yank on it, and it would not come apart. I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship. Every bead, every piece of sea glass, is meticulously chosen to highlight the beauty of the jewelry. I had bought a gold bracelet with two pieces of sea glass (lime green, and white) I also bought, a light blue and white beaded hassle necklace, with light blue sea glass. I have worn it every day since I opened it last Friday. She has made me into a hassle lover! She also included instructions on how to care, for the hassles on her products.

If you look on her instagram page, her passion for her designs and sea glass show. She will even customize pieces if you ask her. Her products and interactions with her customers exhibit that creating a loyalty that will keep people coming back, myself included.

Everyone needs some sea glass and I highly highly (she deserves two highlys) recommend her. I am already itching to make my next order!

You can find Catherine at her easy shop here:


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