Short Hair Don’t Care Take Three

“You don’t want other people to tell you what to do your whole life. And if you feel like shaving your hair off, then you just do it.”~ Bill Kaulitz

I did a thing Take Two 

If you follow me on Instagram you know I did a thing friends! Like REALLY did a thing! I know I shared in my Friday Favorite’s post about taking substantial length off last month and how maybe, I kinda might want to go even shorter.

Well friends last Thursday I did! I went for it and I went shorter! Ahhh!!!!

Not going to lie, I was definitely nervous, of course in between being nervous, I was also telling my amazing hair stylist (who gave me my first real haircut at the age of eight) to go shorter. Who am I?!?!

But guess what? I am obsessed! I like it! Alot! I always said I would never EVER cut my hair again, but here we are. Never say never. And sometimes we need to shake things up and go outside our comfort zones. I can honestly say I love it! Which is so ironic, because the last time I went shorter I definitely did NOT love it.

Our Identity and Our Hair

Hair is one of those features that we attach a LOT of emotion too, whether it is our color, the length, the texture, even going grey, the slightest change can make or break our mental state and ultimately give or take away our confidence. Hair is so intrinsic to who we are and it can be a scary thing chopping it, dying it or doing any major change to it. At the same time it can also be equally as empowering.

I chopped my hair off a few years ago. I also dyed it a different color. As much as I pretended to love it, I did it because I was at the time in a very scary and vulnerable situation and I thought that if I altered my appearance, took away what I felt attractive in my physical appearance (long hair and being blonde) I wouldn’t be harassed or stalked.

It didn’t exactly work the way I wanted it too, it wasn’t my outward appearance I needed to change, but my inner one. I needed to find a back bone, find the courage to advocate for myself. Ironically that came, not because I changed physically, but because the creep proceeded to use profanity and slurs about my new appearance. I always say people can say whatever they want about me, but do NOT attack my friends and/or another group of people in my presence. Period. Mama bear will come out and it was the push I needed to reassert myself.

Short Hair

This time I wasn’t hiding. I was ready for a change. Maybe it was because I have new adventures on the horizon. A move in the Autumn, or because everyone is getting a pandemic haircut whatever it was. I was ready. I mean my hair truly was unhealthy. (though we could have made it work as we always do because my hair stylist is brilliant) And while I had been taking collagen, and stopped curling my hair, sometimes you need a reset. It was actually because I was straightening my hair, that I decided to just go for the sleek bob look, ah la Victoria Beckham.

And I am obsessed! I don’t know how long I will keep my short hair, knowing me, like a month. I kid. Kinda. One of the things I love about it, is how easy it is to style. I just need a flat iron! I also need half the amount of product, which might be the biggest hair adjustment, especially the first time I washed my hair after my cut. I didn’t even stop to think I didn’t need as much…ooops. For now I am all about that short hair, don’t care lifestyle and I am loving it.

Do you like short hair? Have you ever changed your hair style or color up? 

Hair Care is super important to me and these are some of the products I use to keep it healthy and of course blonde NOT brassy.

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  1. Beauty! You’re absolutely gorgeous Kate. and I love the way you write, the back story, everything. Also I can just IMAGINE how healthy and good your hair FEELS right now oh my goodness. Obsessed. Love you babe!

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