Single in the City

I have been told multiple times (including by my dates) that if I really wanted to find someone, I would. I have been told to stop being picky. That I have to high standards (personally I think it is morals, but what do I know), you name it, I have heard it.

Like being single is not only my fault, but some sort of disease.

I may be no Doctor Ruth, but let me tell you from one single girl who is seeking, to all the other girls out there, there is NOTHING wrong with being single, or waiting for your own version of prince charming.

Life is to short or to long depending on how you look at it to be settled with someone you don’t love.

I know some people have looked down and thought it was my choice to be single. I have been offered the walk down the aisle. Been given the soul mate line one to many times -which will actually make me feel sorry for the prince charming who does sweep me off my feet – gone on so many dates where the guy is ready to put a ring on it AND make babies right then and there.

Some how desperation has been equated with being single. I see it online all the time. I have had multiple guys not take no for an answer because we have one or two things in common – as much as I worship the King that is Lundqvist – being Rangers fans does not equate to a relationship. In fact dating a rival fan can be pretty fun. It is called sympathy sex because your team lost.

Sports teams and mundane interests aside, what about the important stuff?

At the end of the day that is what is going to matter; how you feel about kids, work ethic, religion, can you communicate rationally and disagree respectively – actually if you can date a Pats fan without murdering them- you probably can get through anything.  And the biggie compromise.

I am not talking about compromising the big stuff (I.E. All of the above mentioned), but what about who cooks dinner? Or takes out the trash? Who can admit they are wrong or messed up?

Compromise isn’t about winning though our fab -sarcasm intended- politicians have made it so. It is about being the best person you can be for the one who makes your heart pitter patter the way only they can.

No average joe can do that. Just because society tells us we need to be paired up like Ken and Barbie, does not mean it is necessarily right. Besides didn’t they break up?

Holding out for the “one” isn’t wrong regardless of how cliche it sounds. In the long run it will save you a lot of heartache.

Because in the end, settling isn’t good for anyone. No one wants to be that person their significant other settled for. No one deserves that.

So ladies and gents, stop with the desperation and forcing the square and triangle together. Let Eros work his magic and may true love be just around the corner.

Love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this one.

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