Sit Breathe Observing Silently

I feel like a cloud has lifted. Which I am finding happens with anniversaries.

Unfortunately with that cloud has also come a crash course in having to get my observing hours in. Seriously between my slump With Jacquie’s birthday and going home for Easter I have been really naughty about getting my hours in!

Not good.

Not good either is I would rather be practicing.

That said I am learning some incredible information about observing. Observing you see everything. Not only do you see people, body type, sequencing, but you hear commands differently, you embody the sequence differently. And most of all Savasana is completely different. It is almost like you are peering into this sacred piece of yoga while observing savasana. It is kind of cool if not feeling a little bit naughty.

It is also amazing to see the different body types, and I want to adjust so badly, that is next week though. But seriously seeing the way the spine goes, rounded or arched, the way that the legs move, what leg supports more. Arms, shoulders it is so incredibly fascinating.

It also makes me feel better about myself in a way.

Seeing all shapes and forms move is so incredible and freeing because you see postures in a different light. You truly realize each practice is beautiful no matter how perfect or imperfect it maybe.

I saw one woman do tree pose. And she only had foot on her calf. But even though she wasn’t high, the gracefulness of the pose struck me. Her hips were perfectly level her arms straight. It may not have been the full extension of the pose, but for her it was and she nailed it.

She was a perfect example of less being more.

Yoga truly is your own. It truly is unique. And observing really does enhance that.

Each teacher has their own language and own sequencing style, but in so many ways it is the people who come to the classes that define that.

I have seen some truly talented people, people who are truly so uninhibited that the things they can do are absolutely crazy.

Yet there are also people like that woman above who do the simplest things and the grace and poise they have just flows out of them.

And that is what yoga is.

That is what being a yoga teacher is, getting the grace, the energy, the mind and breath to connect and flow.

I admit it is a little daunting. To be in a class and have to lead people. To teach them. But then it is also a gift that we are given and that in turn our students will give us.

As much as I want to move, I have learned so much from just sitting still and watching.

And soemtimes that is the greatest lessons of all. The greatest times when we learn.

Sitting still. Watching. Breathing. Observing.

Namaste peeps <3

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