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Skating’s Heart of Gold

Skating’s Heart of Gold

This  week skaters are taking the stage at TD Garden in Boston. Before the competition even started their was drama and shake ups with injuries, doping allegations, and withdrawals.

One such withdrawal led to Mirai Nagasu stepping up to the plate for Team USA. Thursday night she delivered. Maybe not in standings, she showed the world and her own federation what passion, dedication, and never saying die stand for.

She skated a clean short with not just the poise she is known for but a newfound fierceness, that one who has been knocked down so many times, but yet refuses to stay there.

She is an example of what true strength is. What an athlete and yes a skater girl is truly made of.

I couldn’t be prouder of her. Regardless of what happens Saturday, she is already a winner. She has sent a message to the USFSA that no matter how much you try to insert politics into a sport, true sportsmanship will always shine.

Go Mirai!



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