Snowbrellas and Snow Days

“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” ~  Andy Goldsworthy


Well it finally happened! We finally got a blizzard. A real honest to goodness blizzard! School was out across the Tri-state and maybe it was the fact that for the most part the winter has been pretty mild, but everyone, adults and kids alike, seemed to embrace the powdery white stuff.


I meandered on out to the park with friends where we showed our mature side by having snowball fights and throwing each other in the snow. Being a legal little person…Let’s just say it was NOT a fair fight! Guess I need to start doing extra Chatturangas!


It seemed like everyone was out channeling their inner child, whether they actually were under the age of ten or over the age of twenty, throwing snowballs, and sledding down makeshift hills. Everyone was laughing and just enjoying the weather and even each other.


It might sound corny, but it really was a kumbiya bonding experience on the Upper East Side. We were talking to strangers and even having one big community snowball fight. I really do love my neighborhood!


One thing I love is how creative city kids get. We don’t generally get snow. Usually one maybe two big snow falls a Winter. With space at a premium to store a sled or toboggan takes up a lot of space. That is when boogey boards come in. Yup, Boogey Boards, pool floats, some people even bring out their snowboards and I saw skiers and snowshoers in Central Park. We might be made of Concrete but New Yorkers sure know how to adapt to Mother Nature’s climatic conditions!


I should say for the most part.

Because now I have the mother load of all questions equivocal to”How many licks does it get to the center of the lollipop?” And yes… “The world may never know…”

Do you or do you not use an umbrella when it snows?


Coming from the White Mountains in New Hampshire (aptly named) we never did rain dances, we did snow dances. Praying to the Snow Gods and basking in the fluffy goodness whenever it would fall on us. We laughed in the face of snow and took off our hats and our hoods basking in its glory.


Okay I am completely exaggerating (kind of, their were definitely articles about snow dances in local papers) BUT while we handled winter like a champ their was one thing we never used. Ever. Umbrellas!


My first winter in the city we actually did get more snow then the White Mountains (those Snow Gods for you, have a funny sense of humor!) and I had my first (of many) opportunity to make sure my poker face was set in stone.

I saw people using umbrellas. IN THE SNOW.



Now I admit my strong hardy country roots have definitely been citified. But I have to draw the line at using an umbrella. An umbrella is for rain not snow! Snow doesn’t hurt anyone! And okay yes it technically is water, but still it lands and melts and it looks purty!

I had a friend visit me a couple weeks ago who is the epitome of a fashionista and even she laughed in disbelieve when I told her. Of course I had to send her a picture as proof the next time it snowed.


So I have to ask do you use a “Snowbrella?” Is it just a city thing or do people everywhere do it? Have I been missing out on the Snowbrella bandwagon?

Joking aside I am curious. What do you think about the “Snowbrella?”


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6 thoughts on “Snowbrellas and Snow Days

  1. Love these photos! We never get snow like this😊 It must be a city thing as if it snows I use an umbrella🙈 I guess our snow is quite watery/slushy so I’d get soaked otherwise xx

    1. Thanks beauty! It was so much fun taking them! I am lucky that NYC gets one a year. Just enough to satisfy my inner child 🙂 Oh my gosh I love it! I had never seen it until I moved here. <3

  2. This is making me snow!!!! You look like a little snow princess out there!

    And Bahahha I am laughing out loud about the “Snowbrella”. WHAT! Hahahha. I can’t wrap my head around this one. Well, to each their own 😉

    1. Right?!?! I kept singing Rhianna’s Umbrella and changing it to Snowbrella. It seriously makes me laugh.
      Awe thanks beauty! I loved channeling my inner child…Or maybe Elsa? 😉 <3

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