Some Clarisonic Love

So a year ago after much advertising persuading and really twisting my arm, I caved and bought a Clarisonic.


Why oh why did I not buy this sooner?!?!


It was Christmas come to town.

It was who the hell needs a boyfriend when I have this?

It was love and if you try to steal it I will go Lizzie Borden on your behind!

Finally. FINALLY my skin began to reciprocate. After years of facials, and acne treatments. Scrubs, and cleansers ranging from designer to drug store and everything in between that. I was in skin heaven.

My face is a happy face now.


I never knew such a small handheld device had so much power, but power it does have!

I ended up buying the Clarisonic Mia2 device in a limited edition patterned purple color. It has two different settings to control the speed and has a pulse timer that is designed to let you know when to move the brush. Twenty seconds on your T-zone and chin area and then ten seconds on each cheek.

Charging is super easy. Instead of messing with batteries, the charger sits on it almost like a magnet. It can take up to 24 hours to charge, but once you do it will last for weeks. the lightening lets you know when the charge is complete as well as shines when the battery is low. When I travel which is often, I never have to bring the charger if I have charged it the full 24 hours. I have gone home for as long as three weeks, and it lasted me the entire time. An added bonus when we live in a world filled with chargers.


The Clarisonic also has a wide variety of brush heads, making it easy to customize it to your skin. They tell you to switch the head every three months and I definitely recommend that. I have used three different brush heads: the sensitive which it usually comes with, a luxe cashmere cleanse, and my favorite, the deep pore. The deep pore feels like an exfoliant on my face and has made my skin so soft and clean it feels like a newborns silky skin.

I can not rave enough about this brush. It has truly revolutionized my skin care regimen in the best possible way!


Do you use a Clarisonic or other rotating brush?

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    1. Yay! Thank you so much for reading! I totally understand! I got mine when Sephora was having a sale (periodically they do twenty or twenty-five percent off especially as we get closer to the holidays) you could also try Amazon. I always find great deals there! <3

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