Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Taxi.

Every New Yorker knows most of our paycheck goes to rent. And if you choose to live in Manhattan, probably all of it does. It is a fact of city living. I am not complaining, I love it. I love my neighborhood and am happy to call myself an Upper East Sider

The fact that I am between two major subway hubs and another being built – the latter of which I might be in my hundreds by the time that gets finished – is a major plus. Taxis are expensive. Like Tiffany jewelry expensive. And don’t even start me on Uber.

But there are times when you HAVE to take a taxi.

Leg day is brutal enough. Then having to walk up three flights of stairs because you live in a walk up and just had to have that view of the ballet studio. But having to walk up those subway steps? It adds insult to injury! Not going to lie, there have been times I might have shed a tear or two as I hobbled up the steep steps. That is where taxis come in handy.

Late nights, which might actually be the morning of the next day. Taking the subway home at two in the morning, after a long night of dancing, drinking and strutting your stuff on five inch stilts, no thank you. Not that taxis are the most pleasant when you have drunken some spirits, but it is still better then worrying about tripping on stairs and dealing with other inebriated New Yorkers.

Traveling with luggage is no fun. While subways are the cheapest option if you live on the East Side you know how much of a pain it is to get to one of the major hubs. It usually includes transferring. Attempting to channel your inner Giselle while lugging suitcases – that may or may not be the size of you – is near impossible. That is where a taxi comes in. You might have just sold a kidney to take it to the airport, but at least you arrived with hair and make up intact and hopefully sanity…though with how they drive, the latter is debatable.

Then of course there are those moments where you just want to channel their inner SJP and Gossip Girl. And why not? Hailing a cab can lead to great satisfaction, especially at rush hour when it is pouring and everyone is racing to get one.

Just remember, look for the light at the top to check if it is free, you will not only look like a city dweller, but also save your arm from exhaustion.





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2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Taxi.

  1. Taxis are expensive everywhere but sometimes the convenience factor does outweigh the cost especially when I’m weighed down by bags and don’t want to make the mile long trudge from the mall to the metro station 😖

    1. I agree! The down side to city living! When ever I go home, I am always in awe of how much easier it is when you have your own transportation…That said, I still won’t even attempt to drive in new York! lol. <3

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