Spectacle Island

I awakened to another dark and dreary day. As far as weather, Mother Nature was not being accommodating. It might have been drizzling, but she was not going to ruin our Ferry riding parade.

We got up at the crack of dawn, so we could drive to Boston to catch the first ferry of the season to Spectacle Island. As luck would have it – or not – unbeknownst to us it was free ferry day. It was absolutely jam-packed with people who had obviously known about that small nugget of free stuff. Faced with stand-by, lady luck was on our side and we were able to board the ferry for the roughly fifteen minute ride to Spectacle.


Originally shaped like a pair of eyeglasses -hence the name – Spectacle was home to factories, a landfill and dumping ground for Boston’s trash. Which meant it was a haven for sea glass and something even more rare, sea pottery. It even was home to a couple hotels that dealt in illicit goings on. Filled with a colorful past, the island was open to the public only ten years ago.

The closest island to Boston’s Harbor, it has long winding trails, perfect for running, or going on adventure hikes. Looping around and over the island there are two, “Peaks” that offer spectacular views even amidst the fog made me want to mimic Leo and say “I am the king (queen) of the world!” On clear days the views are spectacular.


Spectacle also has beaches that you can lounge and swim at, as well as hunt for the above mentioned sea glass. I had only about an hour to look, but I was able to find the mother loud, I can only imagine the treasure trove of sea riches, I would have found, if I had been able to look all day.


Not only did I find rare gems of glass, but they were do a jig humongous. I even found large, fairly intact, pieces of sea pottery. This mermaid was in her glory with glee. I never imagined I would come away with bags stuffed full, but come away I did.


I have mentioned it before, the incredible thing about Boston is her history. So rich in lore from the early settlements to the Revolution, the islands are a vast smorgasbord of history. As I looked at my finds it made me wonder – as well as appreciate – how old some of those pieces could be. The traveling they must have done. What they must have witnessed.

Spectacle is only the second island, I have visited of the eight open to the public by ferry service, in Boston’s Harbor. George’s Island is arguably the most popular, but each island offers it’s own unique adventures and expeditions. Spectacle did not disappoint in that department. I can not wait to return there, as well as pay another visit to George’s Island, which is home to Fort Warren and the Lady in Black.

It is a summer of adventure, and it was the perfect way to jumpstart it.


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      1. i know very well that feeling since i felt the same when i went to Lakshadweep Islands. I went on collecting shells 🙂

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