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“Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those days where it’s either awesome or it’s a downer.” ~ Judah Friedlander

I have joked many times I am a dude when it come to relationships. I am not clingy nor do I have to spend 24/7 with my man. I am thankful to have found a guy who has his own interests and is okay with not having me be at his beck and call. I also don’t need flowers or jewelry. I won’t deny them or be ungracious about it, but I am more of a memories girl then things. I joke if it is between Rangers tickets or Tiffany’s I will take the tickets and forever a happy girl.

It isn’t just a joke, but the truth. I generally have simple tastes that usually make guys do a double take. Am I for real? Why yes I am.

It is one reason why I have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.

Before the haters start spewing it has nothing to do with whether I am taken or not. I feel this way regardless…Call it the plague of being a Gemini.


Why I hate it:

I would joke and call it a Hallmark commercialized holiday, but I love Hallmark. I will say, I don’t think we need a holiday to share or spread love. Love should be shown every day of the year. How sad is it, that we even need a day to give love to people.

It isn’t just for lovers. To this day, my mom will still gets me a little something for Valentine’s Day. My sister and I use to exchange gifts and she would even do a treasure hunt for me from Cupid himself. If my friends and I are riding single, we will get together and have a night out. Romantic and platonic love should be celebrated and appreciated.

Lastly the pressures it puts on men to give flowers, jewelry, and other gifts strictly because you are suppose too. I don’t want my guy to feel obligated. I want him to do it because he actually wants to put a smile on my face. The best way to receive flowers in my opinion, isn’t because it is stipulated by a holiday and I know there is a 99.9% chance I will be getting them, but because he surprises me like when I received a beautiful bouquet on my first day of class. That is a real gift from the heart!

Why I love it:

This might sound hypocritical but it IS a day to stop and show love. A reminder that in our busy lives we need to appreciate the ones that make our hearts pitter-patter. That we need to be thankful for those who have been there for us always with unconditional love.

This one is a bit superficial but I love all the RomComs that are on television (yes looking at YOU Hallmark) this time of year. Who doesn’t love a heartfelt love store or a put a smile on your face for hours happy ending? They might be cliche, but it is the epitome of feel good even if you do know how it will end.

For the last four years I have had the incredible opportunity to shower people with some TLC on or around Valentine’s Day in a two hour Restorative workshop. After all love begins with nurturing your own self. It is incredible to witness people allowing themselves to be taken care of as well as to be vulnerable. While they are the ones who get pampered, I always leave with my heart full.

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day? Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in the middle? Let me hear all about it!

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5 thoughts on “Spread Love Every Day

  1. Im with you I’m not about the roses, chocolates, teddy bear but give me memories and moments together! I love Valentines day because I love, love…but I totally agree that people put too much pressure on “valentines day” and it makes it unenjoyable. It doesn’t help that the pressure of all the marketing and sales aspect of the holiday makes people forget that its not about buying stuff, its about being thankful and showing gratitude towards your loved one!

    xo, JJ

    1. I am with you! There are only so many teddy bears you can get! Lol. I love that “I love, love” and it really is so important. I think that is why I struggle, because we all need that reminder, at the same time it is sad that we are so caught up in ourselves that we do need a reminder with the added bit of it being commercialized.
      Exactly! And we can and should do that every day. I hope you had an amazing day and felt all the love and gratitude out there! 😘😘

  2. I agree that I feel like it is a super commercialized holiday! I love your perspective about just sharing love. I called my mom on Valentine’s day and told her how I was reminiscing on the small little trinkets and cards she would give us on valentine’s day. DJ and I “celebrate”, but we never go crazy with gifts or anything and I don’t expect anything huge from him (although he does always get SOME form of chocolate and I’m not gonna complain 😉 ). It’s, like you said, the small surprises throughout the year that mean the world, not the obligatory bouquet! We like to make more of a to-do about anniversaries because those I feel are way more personal, ya know? Our favorite thing to do on the day of is just make dinner together and enjoy each other’s company- memories > things everyday!!!! Hope you are doing so well, love! I am so excited to catch up on all your posts *heart eyes*!!!!

    1. Thanks sweets! I love that your mom did that as well! Your mom sounds super sweet!
      I love that! He knows you well 🙂
      I totally agree! Anniversaries are much more meaningful, plus they are uniquely you and your significant other.
      Yes girl! Memories are so much more important then things. I love how you and DJ spend the day! I hope you guys had an amazing Valentine’s Day/Week/month 🙂
      I am so excited as well! I have been so out of it, it is so nice reading all your beautiful comments! So much love to you sweets! <3

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