Spring Days in Brooklyn Take Two

“My favorite thing about New York is the view, the skyline.” ~ Jack Reynor


Spring in February and I am in love! Seriously. To be given the chance to shed my heavy winter coat for a lighter one. To actually be fashionable and not freeze my digits off, and go exploring this beautiful city, without having icicles form on my eyelashes. It is heaven!


That was definitely where I was last weekend when Mother Nature graced us with beautiful weather.

My friend and I decided to venture BACK to Brooklyn.




Did I just say BACK to Brooklyn?!?


Yup you read that right.


No I wasn’t paid or bribed. It was sunny and warm. The perfect day to pay a visit to the beaches, see St. Ann’s Warehouse, and the other beautiful civil war era warehouses that were scattered amongst the waterline of Brooklyn Heights.


Thus an expedition to Brooklyn!

It really was an expedition and as I told my friend who was laughing, I remember why I hate Brooklyn. We had to transfer THREE times because trains weren’t running. Thanks MTA. Thanks!


We finally made it and walked the few blocks to the promenade. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining. It truly felt like Spring was in the air. At that moment I felt like I was in a scene from a movie or a book. Everything was so picture perfect. My friend and I just stood there, with the Brooklyn Bridge to our right, the Manhattan skyline right in front of us, and off to our distance left, at the tip of the island, Lady Lib herself, taking it all in.


We lazily strolled along the promenade, snapping pictures, giddy off of the sunshine and warmth. The Park was crawling with native New Yorkers and tourists alike. People itching to grab all they could of the beautiful weather.


At one point we walked down to one of the many little beaches that dot the Brooklyn shores, most of them by the bridge. What seemed like an urban legend to me, became reality when I looked down and saw a piece of beautiful sky blue sea pottery winking at me to pick her up.  Which of course I did! I then snagged a coupe pieces of clear sea glass. My first from Brooklyn!


We then made our way closer to DUMBO where we stumbled upon St. Ann’s Warehouse, which use to house tobacco. It is a performing art’s center where the likes of David Bowie as well as theatre productions like Macbeth and Sawbones have performed. There is a courtyard in the ruins of the civil war era building, channeling the spirt of Brooklyn. My friend and I had an impromptu photoshoot. I literally could have spent hours sitting in the courtyard amongst the ruined brick. I can not wait to go back when flowers bloom, because it will be truly stunning.


We ended our excursion of Brooklyn with a walk over the bridge back to the city. Which is really the ONLY way to walk it. Walking towards Manhattan with the skyline in all its glory. The sun was setting, and because of the perfect day, Lady Lib graced us with her presents the whole way, the sun acting as a halo around her.


Oh yes, this was one adventure in the city, that was so picturesque, it is going into a special chamber of my heart. Just thinking about that day fills me with giddy joy. I really can not wait to have more wanderlusting adventures in Brooklyn….


Yup I did just write that!


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9 thoughts on “Spring Days in Brooklyn Take Two

  1. I must admit the skylines of NY are truly incredible!!! I love that you finally gave some love to Brooklyn and while capturing some amazing photos along the journey, per usual! I love your cute little poses in every picture- you’re so darn fabbbb!!!

    xo, JJ

    1. It really is! There is something about looking at it that makes me get all the feels!
      Hehe Finally! Only took five years! Lol.
      Awe thanks beauty! Trying to up my picture taking game! ;p
      Awe thank you! I always feel so awkward, like what should I do! Thankfully I have good friends who make me laugh and just keep snapping so I usually use the candids. 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks sweets! Hehe just wait for the pictures to come! ;P LOL. Brooklyn is a super fun Borough (well some parts) next time you come to the city, you will have to start in Brooklyn Heights and explore the park before walking over the bridge…And I think I know a tour guide who can help you figure it out if need be;)
      Thank you! I got it at Nordstrom Rack. I thought it was part of their line but it is actually Calvin Klien. I am obsessed with it. <3

      1. YESS!!! It is so happening! I wouldn’t trust anyone else showing me around Brooklyn as well as you!!!!! 💕 and I LOVE Nordstrom rack 🙌🏻

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