Staying Healthy This Winter

“Of all that is good, sublimity is supreme. Succeeding is the coming together of all that is beautiful. Furtherance is the agreement of all that is just. Perseverance is the foundation of all actions.” ~ Lao Tzu

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“Flu” 2020

Friends, it is crazy to me that I had actually begun this post three, YES, THREE years ago. Just as the pandemic was beginning, and I came down with the ‘vid for the first time. Though I didn’t realize it at first and thought I had finally (FINALLY) after years of living in the city and living through Ebola scares, the flu of 2018, Legionnaires, and other illnesses that I had FINALLY succumbed to the flu and in my hometown no less. And the reason I say that is, one New York and its’ subways are essentially life-sized Petri dishes and two I had swine flu YEARS ago, but not the “normal” flu.Though is there a normal flu? I don’t know. Regardless it was the ultimate KO (And that is all the boxing terms I know) and I was not only super sick for a couple weeks, but it took months to feel like myself again (rest in peace to my personal best running time) and ultimately it turned out to be the ‘vid. Fast forward three years and my how the world has changed.

With my Mom a former nurse, and numerous family members in the health professions, (apparently I am in the wrong field) I have always been a bit of a germaphobe. Yes, LONG before the germ was ever a thing, my Mom drilled into us about proper hand washing techniques, and would sanitize hotel rooms. (another thing that runs in the family because my aunt also does that) You would find Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer right along with keys and drivers license in her hand bag. Thus when the pandemic hit, and there was such a run on hand sanitizer and Lysol, I couldn’t help but wonder how clean people REALLY were, as someone who should probably own stock in those bands. I also totally own the fact that I am no stranger to sickness and weird illnesses. Does anyone remember when I had Lyme and coughed for a year straight? Thank God that was pre-covid, or I would have been a hermit!

After having been in quarantine and not going anywhere for several years, this past summer and fall I seem to once again not shake the creeping crud. From covid, to sinus and ear infections, I have been sick. As I write this, I STILL have no hearing in my left ear, and I honestly have no idea if and when it will return. Having had a second bout of covid on top of traveling a ton now, my body doth protest quite a bit. Which is why I have relied on some of my trusty homeopathic tricks, which have not only been getting me through NOW, but also got me through the last couple years and with my first bout of the ‘vid.I like to think of it as taking one for the team and helping you out friends. And for a disclaimer, while these things have worked for me, I am no doctor, and I would really talk to them, especially if you are super sick. Happy healing friends!


Elderberry has been the medicine of champions! I took it when I had what I thought was the flu and subsequently every time I have gotten sick since. While there is no “scientific study” (I feel like they all say that) it has elevated symptoms, tenfold and healed in my recovery. I am not going to get into a huge discussion about tamiflu, as I highly recommend everyone do their own research (especially if you have ever been suicidal, react to medication and/or have depression/anxiety), BUT taking it was NOT something I felt comfortable doing, especially since it only speeds up recovery by a day or two at the most. It actually has the same results as elderberry with none of the scary side effects and I noticed a huge difference.

Hydration and Tea

Hydration is key. I am someone who only drinks water, coffee, and alcohol. I don’t do soda period. And sports drinks only when I am sick and I usually dilute it with water. With a fever it is necessary to get electrolytes in me thus gatorade it was (i also am insanely picky about flavors I only drink fruit punch) I also will drink tea. I actually have become a huge tea and honey fan this past year and Tea Pigs might be my favorite brand. It is SO good and comforting. And while I am not a honey fan, I do appreciate it in my tea especially if it is local honey. I also love a good chai, especially since it has very little caffeine in it.

Netty pot

I know so many people hate the Netty pot or any form of rinsing out your nose. And guys it is kinda gross you are sticking a bottle up your nose and flushing all that junk out. BUT it does work. I always feel so much clearer and cleaner after I do a rinse. Key things to note are: Boil the water and always make sure you are using a clean bottle or pot! Always clean it after!


If you have a cough or your chest is tight or as I tell my neices and nephews, a frog is in your throat, steaming is one of the best things you can do. You can do it the old fashioned way by boiling a pot of water, and draping a towel over it, take a very hot shower, or get a humidifier. I also like adding euclyptus to the pot, but do NOT do it to your steamer unless it is heathy. I also tend to make my tea so hot that it is steaming and I will steam that way.


This might be more mental. Soaking, especially if you are having body aches, is a good idea especially with epsom salts and oils. Or a good ol’ Lush bath bomb never hurts. Also bathing and showering after being outside is a really great idea to wash those germs off you. Another more mental, but feel good remedy is a heating blanket. I SWEAR by mine, and when you have those body aches it feels amazing.

Hand washing

I admit living in New York I feel like a petrie dish every time I ride the subway or even just walk out in public. While I love hand sanitizer, NOTHING beats good ol’ handwashing. Perhaps you have heard people say to sing happy birthday well it is true you really want to scrub with soap and warm water to get all those toxins off.


Ughh this one is SO hard! My body typically warns me before I truly get sick, and while I try to listen to it, especially the last few years, and slow down and rest, it is SO hard to do. I typically chalk it up to PCOS and Endo/Aden, and any other excuse I can think of, before I cry uncle and admit that I am in fact getting sick. And as they say, rest is best and it is SO true. So while you might feel like pushing yourself, listen to your body and don’t! The day after my fever broke the first time I got the germ, we had a snow storm and I ended up shoveling which was an incredibly stupid move on my part, as I not only thought I was having a heart attack and going to pass out, it sent me back to bed. As tempting as it is to push yourself, make sure you are fully recovered. Start out small, and work your way back up to regular activities. Your body WILL ultimately thank you!

When traveling:

Bonus, in the era of covid, traveling has definitely changed. People might think you are crazy, but hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, and even disposable seat covers are a great idea as are masks. As much as it is a hassle and yes I do think of the effect it has on the environment, it does work and helps to keep you healthy.

Those are some of my tips and tricks, I hope you all stay healthy this year! <3

How do you stay healthy? What are your go to remedies when you get sick? 

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