Storyland! Where fantasy lives…

If you live in New England, it is probably a very safe and winning bet, that you went to Storyland as a kid. And as an angsty teenager rolled your eyes at the catchy tag line, when you were dragged to the park by younger kids.

Living just fifteen minutes from the park, my siblings and I would go with our parents and raise a teensy tiny bit of hell, which usually involved, but was not exclusive to screaming bloody murder on a roller coaster that even grandma could go on. It really is a miracle we didn’t get kicked out.


As my mom and I rode the train yesterday, with my two youngest nephews, we reminisced how us kids would even scream going through the tunnels, because we thought we were cool and funny, and tunnels are so scary…Not.

While we are hopefully better behaved. It is fun corrupting -oops I mean – introducing the next generation to Storyland.


It has expanded quite a bit, from when I was little, but the charcters, the intimate, friendly feel, the fun, and of course the rides are all still the same. It has the adventure and excitement of Disneyland on a much smaller and saner scale, especially for the adults.

Storyland has expanded from storybook houses and fairytale rides geared towards the ten and under crowd, to more adrenaline-filled rides, where yes you would have to pay me to go on them. I will leave the Crazy Barn and Roar-O-Saurus to the more venturesome tweens, thank you very much.

Some of my favorite rides that have been around since before I was born, are the Bamboo Chutes, a water ride where you get soaking wet, and Doctor Geyser, another water ride where you might as well wear a swimsuit.


Even as a kid I was a mermaid at heart, loving me some water, even if it was just a ride at an amusement park.

Now that I am older, it is fun to experience Storyland through the eyes of my nephews. The excitement they get at seeing the characters like Rory and Duke. Story land’s dinosaur mascots. The attempts at being brave on certain rides like Pharaoh’s Reign. The absolute exhilaration they get when they want to go on a ride they love such as the German carousel or the Dutch wooden shoes.


Story land truly is “Where Fantasy Lives…” But it is also more then that. It is where kids can just be kids running free and having fun. It is also where adults can not only channel their inner kid, but also relive their own days of being a care free youth.

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