Summer Lovin’

“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all’s right with the world.” ~ Ada Louise Huxtable


It is no secret I love summer. I am my happiest when it is ninety degrees out, (yes for realz) my toes are digging into the sand and I can finally drink some Coldbrew as I sit on rocks that have been around since the dinosaurs and have long stood the brunt of Poseidon’s wrath wearing them down to resemble driftwood.


It is absolute heaven, to do nothing except lounge in the sun’s rays, listen to the sound of the waves and the giddiness of children dancing in the water and maybe read a book. Even if you have to do something, the beach makes a great office. Yes, sand and all. The background music of the waves is the perfect work inspo.

Being able to be outside without having to bundle up, just the concern of re-applying sunscreen as you soak up all that Vitamin D from the sun. Seasonal affective disorder is just a mere memory of January’s gloom and some how the euphoria of childhood comes alive even as adults.



Summer symbolizes get togethers. The kiddos, young and old, are out of school for the year, and freedom is never more defined. Families reunite over barbecue, catching up and taking a stroll down memory lane. The competitive spirit is alive as kids and adults alike play lawn games and maybe have a nerf war or two bringing a sense of joyfulness and nostalgia.

Reuniting for wedded bliss, trellises are adorned with flowers, as friends and family gather together to celebrate the sweet union of love. Dancing under the stars, cheersing to the beauty of romance. Summer is the true ode to reunions and love.


The city feels more like a deserted island as everyone plays hooky from work, escaping to the Hamptons or the Cape for some fun in the sun, seeking that beach oasis. Taking vacations with friends and/or family, going on adventures, trying new experiences and maybe even causing a bit of unabashed trouble which only enhances friendships and adds to your story.


Mermaid Season

It sounds so cliche to say I blossom during the summer months, but it is true in all of its’ cliche. As a mermaid, this is the season I crave. Or just anywhere where it can be summer 365 days out of the year.

If I am honest I will go to the beach year round, even withstanding negative temps to feed my mermaid heart with some of that precious salt air I crave so much. Albite, summer makes it exponentially easier and incredibly more pleasant with no threat of frost bite which is just a tad bit important to the extremities.


Even on cloudy days, I love sitting in the sand listening to nature’s music. It is my therapy and thankfully it doesn’t entail any co-pays as the calming smell of sunscreen wafts around me. The sand dancing between my feet before I stick my toes in the refreshing water the salty wind blowing my hair.

It is pure unadulterated heaven. The sun isn’t just brighter, but so is life. The beach is my ultimate happy place and summer isn’t just nature’s prime season, it is mine to.


Do you love summer? What is your favorite thing about it? 



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4 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I like summer because it provides so much opportunity in a matter of months. From picnics to parties to vacay to everything else, it truly is a time of peace and harmony. I also love how we can actually go out into nature and see it in its full beauty! (Not to downgrade the winter. The snowy tops of trees are also aesthetic!)

  2. After experiencing enough true winters, I can not stop professing my love of summer and vow never to complain about being too hot again! 😉

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