Summer Memories 2022

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.” Christy Ann Martine

Good-bye Summer

Okay, okay, I cry uncle friends. Today is OFFICIALLY the last day of summer and while I am not ready to say good-bye and summer will always be a state of bliss in my mind, I am finally ready to admit pumpkin season is here. Though if I am being honest, really it was here in September and yes while I fight the autumn blues I have had my share of the PCC. In fact I had one today. What can I say they are delicious! As a friend summed it beautifully when talking with her, I want all the fall things, but with the summer temperatures and I could not agree more.

That said, it is the last day of summer, and I choose to honor it, instead of lamenting. This summer was so bittersweet, on so many levels as life changes are around the corner, (but aren’t they always?) but most especially since this is the last  summer we will have in my parents house as they are moving. All the memories were made in that house especially during the summers and while they will make new ones, it was nice to be able to spend one last summer with my family, both immediate and extended, though really, my extended family is just as close to me as my immediate family is.

Family Time

As kiddos, my Mom’s family use to come visit during the summers. They would spend weeks at a time and we would do everything from going to the beach and the lake, to hiking, dinner at my grandparent’s house, flashlight tag at my parent’s and so many laughs and memories that make me chuckle just thinking about them now. This past summer my aunt and cousins came for what was one last hurrah at my parents house before they move, and it was the absolute best of times. It was so sweet to share that time with my cousins who are some of my bestest friends, but also the next generation with my god-daughter who had so much fun. She even keeps saying she wants to go back to New Hampshire and to the ocean. Be still my heart!

Lots of Ocean Time

I mean this was a given. Granted, I feel like I get ocean time ALL of the time, but the difference between work and actually being able to sit down and just enjoy the beach is vastly different. And yes, I try to make the most out of every situation, which includes sneaking in some beach time on those work days, but there really is nothing better then being able to lay out in the sun and relax. Though in my case it might me more like pseudo relaxation, since I am still kinda working with copy editing and looking at pictures which I mix in with some reading time. Not going to lie, detaching is hard to do, so even just a little bit  a biggie. I was able to do that fairly often this summer. I also got to do some beach days with family and friends including my god-daughter which made my day.


I got to travel a lot this summer which made me so happy after two summers of very little travel. From Maine, all the way to the Carolinas, and states in between, I got to travel for work as well as for fun. I had really missed it, even when I wasn’t sure which state I was in or what day of the week it was, it was amazing. On top of loving exploring new and old places, I had missed seeing friends, including my best friend and her gorgeous new baby girl. Travel isn’t just about taking great Instagram pictures or having stories to tell to people, or even work, but it is about connection, learning, and expanding your boundaries and walls and changing how you think. It is literally my favorite thing to do and I am so blessed that this summer, I was able to do it again, and do it in epic fashion.

Summer in the City 

Thanks to the pandemic, it had been a hot second since I had spent an actual summer in the city, and it was so good to be back. Yes, some people think I am crazy, but I do love the heat and with everyone gone, New York is all the sweeter and quieter for it. From days sipping coffee in Bryant Park with friends, to walking the city streets in the sunshine, there really was nothing better. New York has always been known for its al fresco dining, but since the pandemic they have really expanded and it was so nice to eat outside on the city streets again. It was also fun to catch shows and just soak up the city, that will always be home.

Another Great Summer

Each summer is special in its’ own right, and 2022 really was memorable with moments that will stay with me forever. While there were some downsides, like me getting the germ and dealing with some serious health issues, you need the bad to make the good all the more sweet, which it most definitely did. I am so grateful for the memories and for the people who made it a summer for the books. I am not ready to say good-bye, but then we have to say good-bye to appreciate something and I am counting down the days until I get to say hello again to the next sweet summer.

How was your summer? What was a sweet memory you had this summer? 

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